Thursday, March 13, 2008


I leave in 8 days. I am both frightened, anxious, and it really still has not hit me. I never have anything fully affect me until I am doing it. I worry... do I feel at peace? Or... is it that I no longer care? I hope it is not the latter. I am still working on my itinerary. I have one date entirely planned out. Everything else is only half-hazardly planned out. I may post it up here after my trip with details footnotes, etc. about how everything went. I have not had the chance to listen to any new music other than finally getting to Versailles album; Lyrical Sympathy. Needless to say I absolutely loved it. I am definitely growing to be a huge fan of theirs. I respect them and admire them as incredible musicians. For now though, I shall leave this blog for I am busy and tired and just felt the need to ramble.


I really do not feel like tagging this right now. Maybe later...