Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning Tithings.

I am just so excited for his new works. This artist has been with me since high school and I just can't get any more enthralled by every piece he releases. His strength just grows and grows. Tasteful, wrenching, beautiful songs. I really recommend him to all music lovers. It doesn't matter what you like, there is always room to like something outside of your own little box. He's just. These songs are like, lullabies for the well grown.

It's just killing me.

I'm excited to play some games over break this quarter, as it comes to a close. I'll head home on the 16th and start working. Take a break in Colorado for the weekend. Then get back to work, before coming to school for another quarter.

Here's a good review for L.A. NOIR for any of you interested:

3 more quarters until graduation if everything goes according to plan. I get nervous the closer I get to graduating and the harder my classes get. Sometimes I forget that there is a lot I have learned. I just need to be more proactive and more well... practice makes perfect right?

I am just so scared all the time. Whenever I want something too badly, I botch it.
So I am just ... always worried. Always scared.