Saturday, February 9, 2008

新しい音楽 Part Deux

I need to stop finding bands that I really like and having it turn out they have been disbanded for quite some time. Oh, how irksome.
Moving on here are the new bands I have stumbled upon in my travels. (Also, any misinformation in any blog please excuse it and let me know in a comment thanks!)

Laputa (Disbanded)
Debut: July of 1993
Debut Single: 私が消える (Watashi ga Keiru)
Released: 14 albums/eps, 12 singles, 2 dvds
Disbanded: May 2004 (Felt it was time each member had a chance to evolve)
V: Aki (Now: solo project, released 3 singles, album, also has a fan club)
G: Kouichi (Now: solo-project (Everlasting-K), released 2 albums, a single))
B: Junji (Now: solo-project (HALATION))
D: Tomoi (Now: joined MILK FUDGE, then played support for JILS)


I have heard a few songs from this band and have so far I have liked what I have heard. I like the vocalists voice. But before I decide on the music I must hear more. Here is one of their pvs.


I have heard more of this band. I do not like them. The vocalist does not appeal to me. But for anyone interested in them here is a pv.

Debut: 2000
Released: 7 albums/eps, 6 singles, 2 dvds
V: Michi (Maschera)
G: Nao (Illumina)

Official website:
Unofficial myspace:

I like Maschera enough to look up Michi's solo project. So far so good. Not sure who I like better yet though. Here is a pv.

フウ〜〜〜〜〜〜!labels bore me ...


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Been searching the interwebs today for new musics. I found a few bands I shall blogger about. Though, I suppose they are not really very new since the majority are disbanded and have been for awhile. I have not researched too far into their histories though, mostly just into their sounds. Information on history and the like shall be added once I get around to going through it. I shall also post PVs for your enjoyment!

D-Shade (Disbanded)
Abbrv: Dearest Shade
Debut: April 22, 1998
Debut Single: 'Believe'
Released: 2 albums
Disbanded: May 31, 2000
V: Hibiki (Retired from music to become a racer.)
G: Ken
B: Yoshihiro
D: YujiOn

Last FM:

This was the first band I found. I was looking around at D pvs and it led to these guys. I like their sound thus far. I have heard a few songs such as: Endless Love, Alone, and Myself.
I really like this song, Alone:

Lastier (Disbanded)
Debut: 1996
Released: 4 albums
Disbanded: 2000
V: Ryuichi Ishiyama
G: Tomoaki Takasaki
B: Yuki
D: Ryo

Last FM:

I have not heard too much from these guys. They have a very anime OST type of sound to them. I have to widen my search since I have had trouble finding more than Dive into Shine (an OP for an anime of some sort (wahahaha ironically)), Will, and Sky. So, more on them later!
This is Will:

Maschera (Disbanded)
Debut: 1992
Debut Single: Unmei no Sharin 運命之車輪
Released: 8 albums/EPs
Disbanded: March 2000
V: Michi (Used to be in Evil Eyes, Went on to form S.Q.F)
G: Takuya (Went on to form J+Jenius)
B: Hiro
D: Tomo

Unofficial Myspace:
Last FM: (Though there were a few)

I loiked these guys lotses! The guitarist has a rather nice style as does the drummer. The singers voice was enjoyable as well. He sounded like a mix of a few singers. They also sounded well in the live I saw. I destest bands that cannot play the same live as they can on record.
This is their song Yurari:

NieL (Disbanded)
Their dance moves were very silly and very entertaining. Errr the singing not so much. Nothing new here really. But good effort!

(I am having trouble finding their PVs again. I do notknow why. I will try again later when I am not grumpy.)

Fanatic Crisis (Disbanded)
Debut: 1992
Debut Single: Memories in White
Released: 12 albums
Disbanded: 2005
V: Tsutomu Ishizuki
G: Kazuya
G: Shun
B: Ryuji
D: Tohru

Last FM: (There were a few)

Only heard one song so far I had to head home so my music searching ended but I will post more on them when I find more. Will note they were colour coordinated in a very British Punk meets Japan clothes (Punk meets S&M type of look ya know what I mean?) style at least in the one PV I saw. They also had a cute kitty in the video.
This is Maybe True:

Mmm... tagtagtag...



Tuesday blew up. That is where it ended. Hiatus, most obviously, cancelled. Needed to talk to two certain people or would have let things go out of hand mentally. Whatever, who cares, you proved your point. I'm weak. What's next. This is where it is starting.

I cheated. I cheated and listened to one of the songs off Lyrical Sympathy. Just one. Just for a taste. The Love from a Dead Orchestra. Since I cheated though, I will not allow myself to go into it extensively. This blurb ends here.

Have I mentioned my love for かみ? No? Well, yeah there it is.

Ah, I bid on AnCafe Bou's Last Live DVD it ends in twooo days .fingerscrossed. No one else has bid but gotta wait gotta wait! I really want it this would bring me so much joy and happiness. Yes, I am lame whateverrr.

I have also read Fruits Basket 1,2, and 3. My sibling bought it and I have been in between a few books so I figured hey why not read something light that will take no time and be mildly entertaining. It is しょじょ which led me debate putting it back down after picking it up. So I am a tad biased against しょじょ but who cares. Anyway, I have found that it is actually quite entertaining. I like it thus far so hopefully, it will not turn out to bad. I had stopped reading まんが for awhile anyway so I suppose picking up somewhere new would be a pretty good idea.

Oh I suck when it comes to commas or semicolons and what not. If I splice or leave them out yeah... it is to be expected.

しいな りんご is quite amazing. Had her on the podo for a few days. I am most glad for it. She is an artist I would recommend to all without question.

I was thinking of adding two more anchors to my hips to make it a six and not a four. I have yet to decide on this matter though so any opinions would be nice. Here I shall link a fotograf so you may view the four as they are now. Let me know if six is the way to go!

I have no clue on how to make that clickyable sooo... it will have to stay as it is. Copy and paste for the win.

Now for tagging... hmmm...あの~~~


Monday, February 4, 2008


I have decided that this week I shall take a break from everyone. I started late last night and plan on ending this endeavour either Friday night or Sunday night. I have not truly decided upon that aspect, yet. Everything I ever use to keep in contact with those around me has been eradicated. I am not sure what I hope to accomplish from this just yet. It is a trial though, and I plan on succeeding. I have already heard from quite a few people that they do not think I can go more than a day or two without talking to anyone. Honestly, I can do whatever I set my mind to and I plan on accomplishing this to the fullest extent I possibly can. Who knows maybe I will extend it to two weeks, or perhaps longer, just to see how long I can deprive myself of human contact outside of work. As silly as this seems, I think I need it. It is a change of pace, and something I have never done prior.

On another note, I have been hiccoughing all day and I really rather despise it.
There are a few new songs, new bands, new pvs I have stumbled upon and I will probably dissect them later in a blog or so. Time will tell.
(I s'pose I should tag this then something useful, eh? Like what though...mmm...)

Until Friday or Sunday then.