Friday, March 27, 2009


Michael Jackson's record Off the Wall came into today.
Expecting Thriller and Bad in the mail soon as well.
Still expecting my Totoro purse and doggie phone charm I purcahsed for my coworkers bday gifto~

Today is my man's second interview at the job he applied at on Wednesday. Fingers crossed. It is at 11 and I will be picking him up afterward; then heading on hom to pick up miss mom's reading glasses at the casa. She reallyreallyreally needs them for work.

All in all today should be a nice smooth day...hahaha as if I ever get those.
Hopefully it will though...I really want to see the Breakfast Club tonight.
They are doing free movie Friday at some park around here near some mall I have never been to until sometime in April. Starts at around 7... so I guess we will see what happens.

Gonna see my prima in a play tomorrow. Her school is doing 1776? Never heard of it. She says she only has one line but is going to get to sing her own song in one scene! Wooo, cannot wait. That will be happening Saturday.

Hopefully get some shirts printed since we finally got our lamp set up. Perhaps, we should purchase some black felt cloth to cover the area with since we need total darkness for the emulsion to take exactly what we want it to take.

First design pictures will be posted soon afterwards...after practising on some not for sale uggo shirts, haha.

Also, gonna start on my portfolio for uni. If I go abroad instead of in America I will be needing one. I cannot find information on what they are looking for exactly, but I shall try my best to come up with 30...yes it is a frightening amount, of designs before summer. Wish me luck~

I will post again soon.

Hopefull, my three penpals, also receive their letters and candy soon.
UPS if you fail me I am going with FedEx next time.


Saturday, March 14, 2009


Do I expect anything better out of any of you.
It is not like I have given every fiber of my being for you to use and regurgitate into this mess I have become.
It is over.
This is over.
Who I have been to you, is gone.
Go to hell.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Lonely Evening.

I am quite morose.

I purchased a Kanye West shirt today.
Some hot pink shorts for the summer.
A long sleeved red shirt that I got on sale at Wet Seal for 1 cent.
Plus, signed up for the Wet Seal discount card.
Saved myself 10 dollars and 88 cents.
Also, you receive something on your birthday, mine is soon; as well as, 20 percent off every purchase you make from today on!
It is a very good buy, and will last me a whole year.

Oh also purchased some white shirts for the store.
Will probably go back and get more to stock up while they still have this great style on sale.
I wonder which design should be the first we use...

Will probably stock up on various hues of the shirt as well.

Today is a fat day.
Ended up eating too much salad to make myself feel worse and better.

Still cannot find my DS but found my darling's DS charger finally.
Alex and I bought a new charger for ourselves and Mario Party for the Mario Racing??? Possibly Nancy Drew???

My brothers' have turned 15. Today Friday the 13th. No, my apostrophe is in the correct locale. They are twins, therefore they both have aged 1 year simultaneously.

I wish I was good at layouts, and coding... I would have a much lovelier blog...

Wrote my penpal a letter and must buy him some Pop Rocks. He's never had any! He does not know of their delightfulness!

Got off work early because bossmom had errands to run.

Our car broke down on us again last evening...started shaking, RPMs almost reached zero, Service Engine Soon light came on. If my bossmom were not such a great driver we would have spent the evening at our job.

I enjoy blogging, it is like purging my brain of my useless thoughts...sorry world...or rather sorry one person who maybe sometimes reads this.

The new installment of Resident Evil came out today. Thus, my darling was kidnapped by his mates for a night of zombie slayage. Perhaps he will return in the morrow so that we can work on our store.

I love you Peach, I will always be yours. <3

I am quite nauseous tonight. I probably should not have eaten so much salad...and so many chick peas. I love chick peas, or rather garbanzo beans?

Hoping to find something...something cherishable that will not fade away.


Writer's Block: Really, Truly

(Taken from LJ.)

Do you believe in true love? What about love at first sight?

I see no reason not to believe in either of them. I do not think love always lasts forever. I think everyone gets what is best for them. For some one man or woman is all they need to follow their course through life. For others, they need a couple, a few, or many, even. Love comes in many different forms. If you are lucky enough to find it; try not to stifle it. Do not expect forever; it is how you get scared, and push people away. Do what is best for you. There is neither right, nor wrong way to love.

That being said, I truly love my boyfriend, with all my heart. <3


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Purchases.

I recently created an ebay account. Sadly, I seem to be doing exactly what I said I would not do...purchasing like mad!

Anyway, I have bought some items which have in my opinion definitely been worth the buy! These are the few I have so far received:

Cinamoroll Penholder/Calendar (I am in love with this fluffy tailed cutie):


Of course this led to the purchase of this darling Cinamoroll bell phone charm (I am telling you I just love him! XD):


I also purchased some movies. I received them this Monday, I was so excited to receive these films as well!

The second movie I ordered was Tokyo Godfathers, one of my faves:


I also recently saw Steamboy, and I loved it. I recommend this to anyone! If you are a fan of Akira, or even Ghibli films, or Cowboy Bebop, etc. Must see! Great detailing in the animation. In the beginning it takes awhile to get into the plot, it is a little confusing at first. But oh man! Such a great film!

I am very excited to get to watch my two movies again! Have not seen Bebop in a couple of years, and Tokyo Godfathers is just so good I cannot wait!

Cowboy Bebop the Movie:



Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The reason for existence happens to be?

If I shut off my phone, and never once accessed the internet; tell me, how many of you would find other means of contacting me?

Unfortunately, I already know that number.

It begins now.


Sunday, March 8, 2009


I feel as though a black cloud has descended upon me. I cannot seem to shake it off.

These days, I feel heavy.

My breathing is not as constant. My heart not as sharp. My eyes not as bright.

A shower sounds nice.



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ending the Hiatus???

So, as you may have noticed...or have not since no one reads this, kekeke, I have been on a bit of a hiatus. I never did my review of the new TAI album. So, I shall do it now.

Fast Times at Barrington High:

It's basically about young love...and it sounds quite young. I was expecting a more mature sound, in a direction further off where Santi left off...but they seemed to have gone backwards. I do love the album do not get me wrong...but it seems more of a precursor to Almost Here, than a Junior album.

School debacle continues. I am re-applying for the scholarship to Japan. I am probably going to school on the east coast if not. Fingers crossed of course. Each school I have applied at has accepted me so I am not too worried. Mostly worried because I cannot make up my mind.

Got my friend addicted to neopets, I get less and less addicted, hahaha.

I also got a raise at work which is so so so lovely. Too bad it is still not enough to afford living on my own, but I am getting there.

You should be proud though because I have been saving up. But I also just made an ebay account... bad idea I have already purchased about 6 things...oh dear. I also sold one thing though so maybe if I sell more than I spend it will not be so bad. But yay to making my first sale!

Disney has a really good deal going, wish I could go but all my friends are so cheap, sigh. Haha, oh well maybe soon I can go. Might be going hiking and camping soon which should be fun. I think this time I will get my own tenT and bag shower with so many people going.

*Forgot to post this on Friday*
*Am posting now*
*Will probably post a weekend update blog as well.