Friday, September 3, 2010


Today was interesting.

Met Mimu at the sketching workshop Radenbaugh has. We have realised that we have no idea how we will complete 5 croquis with 5 hands, faces, and shading within the 2 and a half hour time limit. I was only able to complete 1 and a half. Her 1. That is without... shading...ugh... It is 70% of our grade. If we do not do well ... we do not pass. An entire quarter of wasted time, if we cannot pass. Teacher thinks we are freaking out for nothing... we do not agree.

We then spent lunch at a Greek restaurant. The food was delicious. Oh my goodness, if it were cheaper I would eat there every day. No joke. Definitely worth it.

Afterwards, we spent the rest of our afternoon in the sewing room. Accomplishing little but at the same time a lot. I keep trying to tell myself, and Mimu that we are beginners we will get there. But... even I doubt myself when it takes me so much time to attach one sleeve to one cuff to one bodice and overlock all my seams. SIgh. The stress is getting to us. Quarter end is near and how I fret. I just want to do well. I am so worried for my grades to come back. We have one last project for Colour and Design and I need to complete the retail and the group project for History of Costume as well. I meet my group tomorrow a little after ten as I need to purchase a shirt and get ten dollars for Elizabeth to get our group logo placed on them. Retail I hope to do on Sunday at the Grove. My free hand Matisse I think will be as close to a ballerina as I can get without a drawing or exacto knife. But mostly this weekend will be sketchsketchsketchsketch...

Except first day of work at Express. I am so nercous. I hope I can do well...better than well. Wish me luck everyone. I am going to continue this film I am watching called Outsourced.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stolen Sleeves.

Today, what a day.

Good news, my colour and design teacher actually enjoyed my painting.
I have finally done something to please her!
Though, I am quite jealous of another student's shading techniques.
oh, had only we used oil. Then I could have shown them all!

Ah, then came sewing.
Disastrous. Fought with my machine. Moved machines. Fought with new machine. Fought with sleeve. Fought with placket and cuff, (SP?). Moved machines. Fought some more. Finished sleeve.
Borrowed sleeve and placket from other student to create a new one from scratch. Thank goodness I brought my ruler with me for once.

Tomorrow, Sketch lab and more sewing as blouse is due next Thursday and I need to study the previous seams and tucks we learned for the final exam.
Sigh my stomach is in a bind.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Headache day continues.
Motivation-less day continues.
I am drained.
I do not feel it is school.
But I do feel something is draining me.

Do you ever wonder if sometimes there is someone or something out there doing all it can to zap your life force?

Catfish looks interesting but I think someone posted the spoiler on the website. I hope that is not how it ends, I will be so peeved.

Interview went okay. Could have gone better. But for some reason I lost my tongue.
This is causing me to feel nervous about my first day on the job, come Saturday.

I have also lost my appetite again.
I have eaten but only out of habit.
I wonder when it will come back?

We all have dreams.
We all want to be free and unique.
When are we going to realise, there's not much one can do, to be different?
We are all the same.

I am heartbroken.

PS. He makes me feel better. He really seems to love me. My heart is filled with what my sister calls flutterbys. I have missed him so much.