Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's steal time.

It's funny how movies provoke things from us. Things we think we've hidden away when in truth they're right there on the surface bubbling away. Waiting. Just waiting. Waiting to boil over.

I have lost the ability to truly be within a moment, or conversation. It makes me feel selfish but in reality, I should have seen this coming. I spend so much time daydreaming and making up stories that when real things are going on I have trouble focusing or keeping up. Let alone understanding or remembering.

What happens when we awaken from our dreams? What happens when we're faced with reality? Where do we know where reality starts....where does it end? I am always exhausted these days and the motivation to leave my bed lessens each day. To me that is a pathetic existence.

I need to know which direction I'm going in. Who do I leave behind, and who do I take forward with me? What decisions am I making that are fruitful and not destructive?

What will the end of this quarter bring and the start of the new?