Friday, May 15, 2009

Mexico Gloom and Doom~

Today my love leaves me for Mexico. He goes only for the weekend but that seems too long a time to be a part. We can do it though, we have done it before. It is just no fuuun! Anyway, I do hope that the time goes by quickly. I miss him so already and it has only been a few hours, that I saw him last yesterday. I hope he has a great time, and experiences Mexico the way he has wanted to for so long. It is the country where his family is from, so maybe it will be a learning experience. I wish I were going too!

Perhaps I will be able to busy myself while he is gone with various little errands. I hope to get my new laptop this weekend. I need one for school and am giving in and going all out and getting something I feel will be beneficial to my studies, and daily life. But, I wanted to do that last week, clearly it did not happen! Ugh! I also am gonna toy with all the pupe widgets until I find the one I like best. Bellow is the piyo clock but I wonder if I'd prefer to use this one:
poupeegirl fashion brand community

Shows of my daily style, as it changes whenever I change my outfit. I am also debating making an AMEBA to practise my Japanese and maybe keep up with pupe updates by commenting when something is not NICE! Hah!

I really don't want to be at work either. I'm exhausted. I need to buy more primer, we're painting my grandma's wall! It has been super fun so far but it is quite tiring and exhausting work. Meh, I am too busy for now to blog any more. I will update more in the evening!

dearly, caro


They have made lots of changes. I am finally getting back into it though I have very little ribbons now sadly and cannot afford all of the new lovely things.

New widgets have been added:

I hope you join and play along with me~

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Gloomy day.
Can't look at anyone, let alone in the eye.
Don't know how to feel.
What's wrong with me?

Have posts to post but have to update.

Gloomy, gloomy day.