Thursday, October 2, 2008

Streets seem so empty now~

Theres no turning back. We're waiting on bated breaths. Your hand in mine, come on now, it's time. Don't look back.


Friday, August 1, 2008


Expect a review!!!!!!!

*jumps around excitedly*

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So I happen to be moving soon and I have a lot of things I need to get rid of. I just do not have the space for all my crap.
I found a few band related items that I no longer want.
I have quite a few in good condition stickers, pins, poster, autographed flyer, Record Album, and shirts!



STICKERS: (Make me an offer but will not sell for less than $1! Shipping and Handling to be discussed depending on Location and Delivery Type.)

  1. Scatter the Ashes:
  2. Matchbook Romance:
  3. AND
  4. Copeland:
  5. Mae:
  6. Acceptance:
  7. Saliva:
  8. Kane Hodder:
  9. The Revolution Smile:
  10. From First to Last:
  11. LoveDrug:

PINS: (Make me an offer but will not sell for less than $1! Shipping and Handling to be discussed depending on Location and Delivery Type.)

Gym Class Heroes:

BAND SHIRTS: (Make me an offer but will not sell for less than $5! Shipping and Handling to be discussed depending on Location and Delivery Type.)

Evanesence: Black is a little faded but other wise very good condition.
1.) Plain black with NIRVANA in caps and written in silver. Good condition, rarely worn. ADULT S
2.) Kurt Cobain and it has his year of birth and year of death. Very good condition, rarely worn. ADULT M

BAND TANKS: (Make me an offer but will not sell for less than $3! Shipping and Handling to be discussed depending on Location and Delivery Type.)

System of a Down: FEMALE S
Slipknot: Size Small, Good condition. FEMALE S

BAND POSTER: (Make me an offer but will not sell for less than $2! Shipping and Handling to be discussed depending on Location and Delivery Type.)

Never Heard of It: Good condition, but old! A bit worn at the edges! Also a staple in the corner, don't know why it's there it was there when I got it.

AUTOGRAPHED FLYER: (Make me an offer! Shipping and Handling to be discussed depending on Location and Delivery Type.)


RECORD ALBUM: (Make me an offer but will not sell for less than $20! Shipping and Handling to be discussed depending on Location and Delivery Type.)

H.I.M: PINK Record Album, 33inch! NEVER used! Still in clear plastic case!


Execution of Innocence
Master of Murder
Road to Nowhere
Magic Fire
The Last Vampire (Slight Water Damage.)
The Grave
Gimme A Kiss
Bury Me Deep
Scavenger Hunt
Whisper In Death
Witch (Bent Corner.)
The Last Vampire (Collectors Edition Volume 1)
The Midnight Club
Die Softly
The Wicked Heart

And Then There Were None

Dark Secrets: Don't Tell
Dark Secrets: No Time To Die
Dark Secrets: The Deep End of Fear
Dark Secrets: Legacy of Lies

So You Want to Be a Wizard (1)
Deep Wizardry (2)
High Wizardry (3)
A Wizard Abroad (4)
The Wizard's Dilemma (5)

The House of Dies Drear


The Lottery Rose

The Cay

The Devil's Arithmetic

The Outsiders (Tear on the back cover.)

You Are So Cursed!

Coraline (Has a crease.)

HARD COVER BOOK: Dream Analysis Book.


PRICES FOR BOOKS ARE UP FOR DISCUSSION BUT NO LESS THAN 3 DOLLARS! Good condition unless other wise noted!

(P.S Your money is helping me save up for college and rent so buybuybuy! PLEASE!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday, Work, Spouses, Uni, Wall-E~

Well, my birthday was basically amazing-ish~ :D
They decorated my "office that's not an office" at work and bought me ice cream cake. Which was oh so nice. I love ice cream cake. It is a weakeness of mine. Then later that day, when I got off work, I went and got a pedicure so my nails would match my new sandals that I bought with my new dress for my birthday sushi dinner of doom. Which I'll have you know was quite lovely. I got to play with my lemon, kuri, carrie, seestahtwinbirthdaysharer, and kattt. We had a good time. Then we went back to my place to horse around and then went to the park and horsed around. It was uber fun we made a youtube video but I still have yet to upload it. Hah, I procrastinate. Hence this blog is jammed with tons of things I should have made seperate posts as they occurred, but I procrastinated on those as well. Anywho, it was a very great time. My lovers made me lovely b-day cards that will be scrapbooked for life and love! Plus, we got free ice cream from the sushi place since it was our b-day. It was lovely... I wonder if there is any ice cream cake in the work freezer...

Work has been pretty good. I am rather irked about a few things but eh that is office life for you. I am trying to work extra hours so I can make more money. For uni and other things. All three uni's have gotten back to me and I will be talking to them and will probably apply in about a week to Seattle. I will wait to decide on applying to Fort Lauderdale and Miami until a little later, I have decided. Mainly because Seattle is what I really want, even though I feel bad turning the other schools down after how helpful their administrators have been for me.

I have started working on a new painting. I am having a little trouble with the upper half of the primary rough sketch on my canvas but with hope it will come out the way I want it to in the end. I would tell you about it but since there are times I do not actually finish something I will wait till then.

Anyway, I DID see Wall- E. It was really lovely. I think it is one of Disney's better latest films. Though, I do miss their hand painted and hand drawn animation works a lot teaming up with Pixar was wise of them for their digital animation films. I like the fact that they put in numerous positive messages that are vital going ons in todays society. I.E the Earth's destruction, obesity, and love.

Friday the fourth, July fourth of course. Had a familial BBQ. My baby cousin fell asleep on me... and drooled on my shoulder. But I let it slide since he is actually quite cute. Then the twins and I ran around for awhile, ate some good soy burgers, stayed up late, had a blast really.

On Saturday I went to Lemon's house with Miss Kuri. We played with Lemon and Wes. SSBB fight again. I killed Wes a few times to my pleasure. I never won but when we did it with stocks on I got second place! >D I would have one if I had not gotten stuck next to the building I always get stuck to in that stupid level. Then Kuri kidnapped me with her pops and we grabbed Carrie and I went to church with them. I will say it was quite an interesting experience and I actually had fun. A live band plays the songs and there are a lot of bright strobey lights. A young guy speaks every so often between songs, etc. Regular church stuff but I would say it is more teen based. It was very strange though and I was out of my element being there and all. What with me not being of the same faith. But it was nice, and I enjoyed hearing what they had to say. Then we went with her family to eat some Mongolian food. Which I will have you know was quite delicious. Her family is really fun and I had a great time there with them. Then Carrie, Kuri, and I took off for Mill Ave. where we met with Tim and Trex. It was a lot of fun there too. I got a new dress at Urban Outfitters... Carrie laughs because I call it the full name as opposed to just Urban... and Pier 1 Imports as opposed to Pier 1... that meanie. Went to Zia. I am definitely buying the ABBA greatest hits record for 2 dollars! I cannot wait for that! (I would love to go to the new ABBA museum in Stockholm!!! Who is with me?) Got home late but I had an amazing time!

Sunday was more playing day... but wifey and I were exhausted so we did not end up playing till very late in the day. I went to Michaels with my sister to pick up somethings then went and picked up Bobby, then finally went and picked up Christine. We got to my house and watched Battle Royale. Which I have to say is a very interesting movie... but gory! We all know I hate gory!!! If you have not seen it I do reccommend it. Unless you do not appeal to gore either and then I would say read the book or manga. The author truly has a very good understanding of the human mind and the way it works when faced with a kill or be killed scenario and the numerous reactions people will take do to it. We will most likely watch Ichi the Killer next... though I have heard it is so gory they had to edit it when they brought it over here... I will probably not enjoy that... but at least Wifey, Nome, and Bobby will... sa... those weirdos. It was really fun and I got to eat Spaghetti! Yum!

Monday back to work of course. Though I did go playing on Tuesday and yesterday. Tuesday was thai with Wifey, Magpie, Bobby, Mitch, Lemon, and Kat. We did this at wifey's house. It was nice finally getting to see Magpie again since she is home for a few before heading back to Uni Year 2. We also went to the park later which was fun. I got to ride the swiiings which was totally amazing! I love swings so much. A little fiasco occurred later but in the end I had an amazing time. Then midnight came around and lo and behold it was Bobby's b-day! YAY! For a few reasons, I had to work from home yesterday. Nice thing is that means OWN SCHEDULE HOURS. The alarm guy came to fix our security system and after that I passed out until a tad late in the afternoon, sadly. Magpie then came and picked me up and we headed over to wifey's to grab her. We went to Friends for Life to volunteer. It is an animal shelter. It was really very fun and there was a beautiful cat that just loved me and I wish I could have taken them home. I saw a beautiful pitbull as well. To be honest the majority of the animals were gorgeous creatures and even the not pretty ones had such amazing personalities I wish I could have them all. Then back home to shower and work a bit. Later that day went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a bit more supplies for this crafts project my sister is working on, went with her friend whom she calls Eskimo Kiss. Got home back to work. Then Bobby and Mitch came over to hang out since it was Bobby's birthday. But since he is withholding my gift still "because it is not perfect" he is not allowed to have his either. Watched some X Japan, and introduced them to some of my favourite bands. All in all it was lots of fun. But I am extremely tired because when they left I had to get back to work and help my sister with her project which frustrated my grumpy tired self. Finally got to bed, (I am far too addicted to
poupeegirl fashion brand community
in case anyone was wondering. SO YOU SHOULD JOIN! Let me send you a reccommendation if you wish to join!).

Today's been a long day but I have plans to have dinner with my mother, and aunts, then to see Bobby. Let us hope everything works out (I.E Caro does not fall asleep at any point in time this evening until she is actually at home and in bed.) My fone is also dying which worries me.

Anywho, that is the end of today's blog of doom. I hope you enjoyed it. More to come soon...or later.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

GreenPeace - Japan

Play the game:
Whale Scandal

"Two Greenpeace activists expose an embezzlement scandal involving whale meat which is costing Japanese taxpayers millions of yen. Forty cops swoop down on the Greenpeace offices to arrest the Greenpeace activists instead of the criminals.

A global storm follows: hundreds of thousand of supporters write to the Japanese government. Diplomatic protests are lodged by whale-friendly governments. Vigils and demonstrations are held outside Japanese embassies worldwide.

The story prompts people all around the world to take extraordinary action. Now another hero steps up to do what must be done. Help Mister Splashy Pants free the Tokyo Two.

Mr. Splashy Pants

Who is this Mister Splashy Pants dude, you ask? In the real world, he's a humpback whale we tracked with a satellite tag heading from the Solomon Islands toward the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary -- that safe haven in which the Japanese government kills around 1,000 whales every year for "scientific research." He was named in an online competition in which his share of the 100,000 votes clobbered all rivals.

Mister Splashy Pants was saved by whale activists like you, Junichi and Toru. So he reckoned it was time to return the favor. Help him out by spreading the word:"

I signed.
Will you?


Thursday, June 26, 2008


This will be my second week back home from Panama. I had a great time. I got to go to the beach which was lovely. The weather was perfect, windy, rainy, cloudy, and beachtastic~! I did NOT get brown so YAY ME WOOO~! I also go to see my cousin which was great. She is growing up too fast that crazy girl~! She has gotten so big she is already nine years old! She is so cute; I love her! I got to eat some great food and get to see some places I had not been to in awhile. It is not the same without my grandfather there but I am very glad I went. Oh yes, I also bought a new and lovely umbrella. It was lovely. My cousin's friend was a really nice girl as well which was good. But, I really missed my spouses oh so mucho and had to come home early to play, work, and get things done for uni. (Oh yeah I said it UNI read on to find out what I have gotten to with that!)

Anyway, my wife came home last Friday! I hung out with the Lemon on Thursday and we made our plans to go with KamKat to the aeroport to see her when she lands. SO TALK ABOUT AN INCREDIBLE DAY THAT WAS! Her flight was about 5 hours late. We spent our entire day except for a few tidbits of it waiting at the aeroport for her. But it was most definitely worth it. I got to see Miss Carrie which was lovely! We then went to play at her house for a little while until she was so totally dying on her feet that we had to go. Sunday was her WELCOME BACK SURPRISE FIESTA which was so great. I played wii bowling with Matt-oat, Nomes, one of kuri's relatives, and Carrie. I PWNED THEM ALL...well not at first at first I really sucked but after awhile I started to PWN THEM ALL~! We played on the ohsoscary trampoline and with the doggles and catcats. It was great fun~! MY WIFEY IS SO AMAZING and brought me home a BEAUTIFUL kimono. I am in love with it and wish I could put it on myself! If I could I would wear it all the time! She also brought me some stationary and a fan and a new bentou and chopsticks and chopsticks container and the list goes on of amazing gifts she brought that she so should not have~! She spoils me too much! But I am so glad to have her home because I missed her so mucho much! Saturday I hung out with Bobby and watched HOOK~! This movie is so fun and so great, heh!

Well, everyone, the news you have been waiting for! Be proud I have made progress in the Finally Applying and Going to a University department! I have chosen three art schools to apply to! I even started printing out the papers I will need to fill out for each school. I just need to check with them to make sure they will accept transfers from the community college I have been attending. If they do all I will need to do is finish my basic core requirements and get accepted. So, be proud! XD We all know how long I procrastinated about finally doing this. I have chosen to apply at: the Art Institute of Seattle, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. I would love to study abroad but unfortunately that is not a financial possibility. I will just have to travel on my own when I am out of school and have my career going. But, I am pretty excited about this!

So, if you are some of the few that keep up with my art then; expect deviations ( coming your way when I finally get some free time to sit down and work. I am going to edit one of my newer pieces and get started on sketches for some shirts I would like to design. So, check back because I will definitely be wanting feedback!

Also for those wondering, my mother's surgery went very well. She did go down almost 4 sizes. Though she is hoping to keep the weight off, it was too quick a loss of weight and caused for a loss of nutrients as well. The surgeon said it was his quickest procedure ever (about 3 hours) and that he had never seen someone with such perfect anatomy before. No complications, no excessive bleeding, everything was in its proper location! So, my mom's doing much mucho better thank goodness! My stress over her health is slightly lifted. The only thing to worry about now is her constant heart burn and nausea. It has been better lately but these past few days are more difficult. Mostly because she is transitioning from baby foods and milkshakes to soft foods like noodles, rice, etc. Things that are much harder to digest and are causing her some difficulties. But with positive thinking she shall be feeling her wonderfully in no time.

Other than that I have basically just been working and spending time with Bobby. I finally learned a new task at work~! So, I will not be finishing my work too too early anymore...only slightly early now. But! I was told I will be given another responsibilty as soon as I get used to and quicker with this one! I am really glad about this! I have been asking for weeks for more responsibility so to finally get a new one makes me feel great! Nomes and Wifey will come over tomorrow when I finish working to play SSBB and eat some good chinese foods~! It is going to be great fun. Nome and I musto practise if we are to PWN THE WORLD WITH OUR MAD SSBB skills...that we do not have but WILL SOON HAVE! Hopefully see Bobby this weekend, and see Wall- E this weekend. I am very excited for this movie, no joke~! I WILL POST A REVIEW AND EVERYTHING~!

I got my hair cut so I shall update my default foto, if anyone is interested in seeing it. My birthday is next week, (June 30) I have been told I am not allowed to forget it this year. So, let us party party... not, haha. The big...not so big... 1 9 wooo~!

Anyway, see you soon~! (I do mean soon because being home means being able to blog every so often. I am sure everyone missed me ((ihope)). By everyone I mean the three people I know whom read my blog I LOVE YOU GUYS!)


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Feel Real.

Let's curl up in bed together.
The outside world no longer interests me.
Maybe we can hide like this forever,
As cowards.
Too scared to face what we know to be true.

I'm scared of what life has to offer,
Of what it hides within its shadows.
Those dark corners hold all my fears.
Shove themselves towards me with every intake of breath.

Life is hard and convoluted.
You can't always win.
But you have to try.
So why am I so scared?
I just want to hide in here.

It's cold in here.
I don't want to let anything else in.
Stay with me, would you?
Don't let the day light break.
Don't let them knock on our door.
Don't let them feed me any more poison.

I just want to lay with you.
Watch your chest rise and fall.
Feel your warmth.
Taste your flesh.

I'll be yours.
Just don't let them in.
don't let them in.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So, I saw Caspian ... and still have not seen the first one. But LemLem gave me a quick two second synopsis as the movie was starting since I was too busy wanting to play with Wall-E to talk about it during the previews. Wally-E is love and Lem we are seeing it! He thinks we will not be but we so totally will be. Caspian was fun though. It had talking aminals. LIKE THE BEAR. Dancing trees as well. I love trees, and dancing trees are icing on the cake of tree-y goodness.

I feel kinda sick today. But I think I am kinda hungry which sucks because I feel so nauseous I really have no desire to eat. The smell of this danish I was supposed to eat this morning is making me feel even more ill...kinda why I never ate it... but I guess I should to make mother happy.

Oh I also saw Iron Man. It was long and I was starting to fall asleep. I will not lie though it was pretty good. I would like a suit of action please. They look fun. It would have to be black, silver,
with a light touch of red though.

I have not blogged much lately. Not that my blog makes much sense. It is a hog posh of informational sources on topics that I am quite interested in, poetry, short stories, daily entries about my life, and music reviews. Though, I would say that is what my life consists of in reality so I suppose it makes sense.

Also I have an Imeem, for awhile now but not too much of awhile since I cannot really remember when I got it and I would not wish to lie but I am sure it was most recently in these months. Mostly to make music playlists to have something to listen to whilst at work, without having to use my Ipod head phones. Stupid things. Except recently I was too lazy to make my own and I stole Lem's Rainy Day playlist. Why, because it is nice of course. I have been ignoring a lot of the music I like for the ParaPara style eurobeat influenced music... mostly because I have gotten used to hearing those songs from how much I have practised the dances. Which is making it far more enjoyable to get to hear Malice Mizer, D, the soundtracks to some great animes. Etc. Yes, I have basically described the playlist to you, you're welcome.

Rainy Music
Since I know you love to read and listen to music at the same time. Who does not really? Does such a person exist? Ah, yes, my mother.

This blog looks like another long one, sorry. You will not be reading the whole thing anyway, most likely.

I leave for Panama June 2nd. I am more excited than I was before yesterday. It should be fun. God I feel sick...stupid danish smell. Sadly, I will be returning in a much more brown skin pigmentation. My life is over. Please promise me you will still love me even when my skin is the colour of caramel. I will be bringing back gifts for the beautiful in my life.

Oh, I owe someone a plushie. I keep procrastinating on making those because I know how bad they look when you first start and I hate when I make ugly things... This one is to be a watermelon. It shall have a cute face too. I have been saying this though since about December... so let us see what the date is when I finally post a blog say WOOO~! I MADE THIS PLUSHIE... if the day comes. Heh.

Seen a few WitchBlade episodes recently. It is not bad. I am a bit confused, so I may try and watch it online. The same with Speed Grapher. It is interesting, but again I am confused since it is I do not even know how many episodes in.

Oh, I did finish the Ouran High School Host Club anime. It was cute .shrug. at least the ending was nice. It was good comic relief coming home from work... what I will do now who knows... learn guitar I suppose... but I have been struggling and frustrated. I too easily give up. It depresses me. But alas, perhaps the flame will ignite beneath my fingers and I will get the ability to practise for extended periods of time. I just need to find a good schedule for my self. Work, sleep, practise.

I will be getting my license when I return from Panama. I have been studying and will study on the plane rides. Nothing will stop me this time. I promise it to myself.

I get paid soon. I cannot wait. I need that money for various things. I am also going to research some fashion schools. Make a decision. If possible go back to MCC. Only if the credits will transfer that is.

I suppose for now that is all I will mention. I am getting too tired to continue and must save my energy up for more work. At least it is close to noon... the day is...sort of somewhat over...

I wish it was raining.

Bobby is coming over this weekend. I cannot wait, I am so excited. <333

I think I shall drawer something today as well. The mood has once again stricken me.

Friday. <3


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have created an account at, at the request of a friend. It is a fun site, with cute little characters. This should link you to my profile. If it does not? Oh well.

I am going to go see the Prince Caspian movie soon I think. Except my friend has told me I am not allowed unless I watch the first Narnia film. Apparently a good looking actor with a Spanish accent does not allow me to see a sequel without seeing where it all started. What a buttmunch.
Oh and Thai food this weekend. I am so excited. I have not had curry in so long. I love it sooo much. Mmm, I cannot wait.

Been listening to a new band lately.

They are quite nice. I enjoy them a lot. The singers voices go well together. The guitar makes me happy. I love their combining of style. I hope they make you happy as well. They also have happy hair. If that means anything.

Also, on Friday there is going to be DF members Bowling.
I cannot believe I was cajoled into bowling.
But maybe I will meet some interesting individuals. Who like AFI.
So, eh, maybe it will be fun...bowling...

Haha, I was surfing the net and found this site. It is called twitter or something like that. It really is such a useless site. Haha, anyway, off to work some more.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I have not already mentioned this strangely enough but I have a created a Deviant Art account for my past works, and future works. You may visit it if you like at:

Leave comments,
watch me,


Been listening to a lot of western music lately.
I think I missed some of these lil pop punk, punk, and rock bands.
They are nice reminders of my past tastes, and still hold some attachment for me.

The Casualities:

Are they not cute?
They make me smile.
I should look up more of them and see if I fall.

Anywho back to work.
I will try and make a serious, real blog, other than these silly little snippets, soon.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008



I am writing a story for a friend.
I hate it.
She loves it.

Going to Panama in a month.
Not too excited about that but at least I will have some freedom.
Time to relax.
I wonder if there are any good tattoo artists out there...for cheap...www

I also went shopping for my bathing suit for Panama.
I hate bathing suit shopping.
It is a really cute two piece.
It has stars on it. Rainbowy and shiny.
I hate two pieces.

Been learning different Parapara dances lately.
They are really fun.
Quite the work out as well.
I know almost 7 now.
I practise so much, I may be addicted.

If I get stuck going to college in Az my heart will bleed.
Seems like the case though.

Maybe I will run off and sell my soul as a hostess in Japan.

New fave word:


Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"May I have your hand?
It is only a short way away.
I guess it is a bit hard for you to remember.
We did once traverse this path.
But it was long ago.
So, I guess it is a bit hard for you to remember."

Your hands are cold.
Where have you been?
I have been waiting.
I have something for you, something I must tell you.
You see I feel I can no longer lie to you.
Well, I guess it can wait.
I am sure it is nothing important for you.
Sorry for having wasted your time.
I promise to do my best to make it up to you.

Maybe tomorrow we can...
No I understand.
It has been a long week.
No, you are right.
Take care.

I guess I too have forgotten.
That today is no longer yesterday.
Your feelings are now for another.
I wish you could remember, how green it once was.
How free we once were.
But memories tend to fade.
Only the weak stand behind remembering.
I guess I too have forgotten, that yesterday ended with a silent sigh.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Talk of Little Things.

I've never been in love you know.
I wonder sometimes perhaps it's more than just fear.
Maybe I just don't know how.
She closed the door and left.
Down the hall with the yellowed glass, tattered walls.
Down the halls she'd walked a thousand times.

He sat in wait.
Perhaps of her return.
Perhaps just in thought.
But then he closed his eyes.
And all went dark.

What's it like, she asked. Being in love.

It's kind of like a fire in your veins, he reminisced.
It doesn't only hurt sometimes...but always.

His pauses were always full of pain.
She knew, then, he'd done more than just taste it.
Love had once engulfed him.
And it took all he had to keep himself,
From going under once again.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mmm...しらない ...

It all started as though it had always been. It was a dark night. Cloudy... no more like weighty, it seemed. It was in the midsts of a war. But not of a tangible sort, no soldiers versus soldiers type of war. There was just that heavy feeling, that clung to everything. You know the one... a draping of fear and of oppression. The overbearing knowledge that either side could win, but having no idea if it would be yours?

There was a part where...

Suddenly, it seemed, the room had changed into a building with a domed ceiling.
Dark...cold, yet stifling. Full of a fear you could not swallow. Was it possible to choke on a feeling? I and another were trying to escape this room. Because if the...witch...or demon...or whatever she was saw you... Well, something unbeknownst to you would happen. All you knew was that you would not survive.

The strange thing was the more I fought the closer I was to the unknown fate. The more frightened I became... When I stopped struggling and acknowledged my fate I was able to... float out. The domed ceiling could no longer keep me under. Yet she was unable to ever escape it. It was her prison? How had we arrived? Why could we not consciously leave? Only as long as I consciously ignored what was going on could I continue to float upwards towards freedom for; the way she was notified of your presence was by your thoughts. So when I got excited about escaping... or when the pang of guilt and quivering nausea, over the person I could not save, hit me like a sledgehammer... they had been my responsibility...I had let them down... This, you see, is when the fear came back. Like the memory pains of a lost wound, I could hardly bare it. When I knew I would be free...and I knew they had not made it...was this the person I was meant to be? A let-down? Had I failed them? Or had I never been strong enough to get them out? Had this always been the predetermined course? Had they always stood no chance? Even...with me by their side... When I ignored these feelings again I was able to get out past the ceiling. Along with the agonizing sorrow for the one I had lost... tagging an invisible scar I would never erase.

This next part is hazy...this next part...I am not sure how I got to it I cannot remember... Perhaps, I chose not to remember? I am with two little Asian boys. Could they be mine? They cling so tightly to the back of my dress, and then there is a tiny brown baby girl in my arms. Held tight, kept close. We were trying to escape from the town, the war, the demon's home...the fear. We end up it seems upon a train. Moving silently among the tracks. Jostling us around the bends. I kept fearing the baby was dead for she would ne'er make a sound nor fidget. But she was so warm to the touch. Her eyes were closed, but they would flit at times and she just...she just felt so alive. The other children they never worried... perhaps they just knew she was all all right. She was so tiny, so corporeal but fragile... vulnerable. The fear never left me...not once. It kept close watch, within its tight grip. Would we ever feel peace?

On the train...someone...or something, I suppose, came in. We knew to stay safe we could not look up nor make a sound. I was so terrified the children would look up or cry out in fear as they hid behind me. Or that the baby would wail or coo as babies often do. But they never did, perhaps they knew better than even us adults do? We finally made it to...I guess the station? If you could even call it a station... All of a sudden, this panic engulfed me. I had no idea when the children had last eaten! I needed to get milk for the baby! But I could not find anyone who would serve me. We were so surrounded by families running from the war and camping out in every nook and cranny and no one would give me milk nor accept my money. They would not even acknowledge my existence I could have been talking to walls. I started to freak out and it was strange... for all I had was foreign money but I had no idea from where it came. But either way no one would accept it. What was I to do? I needed milk for the baby because she needed to survive! I needed her to survive. She really felt as tho she were mine... Not that I knew whose she was...or where she had come from either... Why could no one give us some help?

And I then remember needing to meet with the man we had been searching for the entire time. He was going to help us, and house us but... then I woke up... I never got to meet him... but his silhouette gave such a feeling of...was it love?

I guess it was all a dream you see. Then why did it feel more real than reality? Perhaps, now too I dream?

How...did things end?


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ばか Poems I wrote as a child. XD

Fallen Angel
One day, as the sky fell
I noticed you walking.
Silently, through the rain.
When I was lost you found me.
But now as I watched you bleed,
It was you I could not find.
I lost you on my way through
The crowded streets of our home
And one day soon...
I hope to be...
The one to rescue you.

You my fallen angel;
The one who'd guide me on
My path to wisdom and strength,
Will one day fly again.
And, though I seem
To have lost my way
Your messages
are not forgotten.
And one day soon...
I hope to be ...
The one to rescue you.

Entry #2,

I cut you up
And watch you bleed
Your travesty is beyond me.

As you fade
Your soul cries out.

With no one there to hear you
Who will catch you as you fall?

Blame the masses,
Blame the world.
The mistake is not within you,
the blame lies without.

Now let go of what you know
And hide behind the faceless crowd.

Will someone lift you up and cry?
Or alone in a pool will you die?

Now make the choice
You'll be banished either way.
To die alone and fade away,
or hold on to
anothers arms?


Monday, April 14, 2008


I am in a fashion mood. So, I will be posting a series of blogs on fashions that interest me from around the world. To keep it concise I will go country by country.
Of course there are a large variety of different fashions everywhere, but I only feel like discussing the fashions I am fond of and not the ones that irritate me or that I find ugly in anyway. What can I say, I am too lazy to talk about clothes I do not like. Anyway, many designers and styles to discuss so let us begin.
I will start with: Japan. Why? Because I already had a few Japanese fashion links open.


Lolita, as per how its seen today, reared at around the 1970 time period in Japan. But it was not until around the 1990's where, one of the most influential bands in the Visual Kei scene, Malice Mizer, truly gave cause for its increase in popularity. One cannot speak of Lolita fashions without mentioning Malice Mizer or Mana. They are one of my favourite true Visual Kei bands. This of course was picked up by Visual Kei bands then on. They wore intricately detailed costumes in videos, as well as performances, which were subsequently adopted by their fans.

In essence Lolita fashion can be categorised by a few key influential points and time periods:

  • -Victorian Children's Clothes
  • -Rococo Time Period Costumes
Of course the addition of different elements cause there to be what some would consider various sub-groups within the Lolita style to be taken into account. To name a few there are:

  • GoruLoli (Involves Gore)-
    • This style is not as commonly found as some of the others. It tends to pertain to lolita styled outfits which include bandages, blood, scars, etc. Some other names it has been called are HorrorLoli, PainfulLoli, where as some just consider it a type of cosplay. (It is neither a style I particularly have any interest in but I figured if I am to discuss Lolita I should discuss all the various aspects of it.)
    • An example:

  • WaLoli (Involves Traditional Japanese Clothing modified to fit with Lolita style)-
    • Waloli can be identified by its usage of traditional Japanese clothing. Kimonos or hakamas will be modified to adhere to common Lolita fashions. There are different styles of alterations. For example, the bottom of the garment will be altered so that a petticoat may fit beneath it. Or one may even see the kimono blouse styled with a Lolita skirt. Haori/adult-sized hifu-vests may also be seen. Accessories and shoes for this style include what one would traditionally wear, such as kanzashi flowers, and geta, zori, or Okobo.
    • An example:

  • QiLoli-
    • The counterpart to WaLoli is QiLoli. Instead one would use traditional Chinese articles of dress with their Lolita garments. Modified qipao and cheongsam-dresses, for example, for use with a petticoat. Plat-form slippers and bun covers as well can be seen.
  • OujiLoli (Male Lolita but can be worn by females as well)-
    • What one would use to tell a OujiLoli from the rest would be if they are seen wearing: masculine blouses/shirts, knickerbockers/short trousers, knee high socks, top hats, newsboy caps, and the like.

  • PunkLoli-
    • As soon as one begins to incorporate tattered fabrics, safety pins, chains, screen-printed fabrics, plaids, and short, colouful androgynous hairstyles we get PunkLoli. It is very easy to tell this one because Punk is Punk no matter where you go.
    • h.NAOTO Spring '08 Collection:

  • ClassicLoli-
    • This style looks more Baroque, or Rocaille even. They speak in a far more formal and reserved manner and dress accordingly. It is meant to look sophisticated, elegant. The accessories can be seen as far more functional ones than some of the counterparts to this style.
    • Juliette et Justine Onepieces:

  • GosuLoli (GothicLoli)-
    • Though Japanese Gothic fashion trends can be traced back towards the 1980's, during the spread of the New Wave movement, the scene out there is far different from the scene out west. If you know what Goth is then you can safely picture what a Lolita in a Gothic style like clothing would be. The atmosphere they carry, their personality, etc will all be very Goth. Goth is Goth is it not? You can tell GosuLoli by its use of much darker make up, clothing, and themes in the design. It is categorised by its use of black and white, though many colours such as purples and dark blues will be seen. Fabrics do not contain as many detailed prints, as some of the counterparts do, either. (The KuroLoli -GosuLoli- subset strictly adheres to a black on black rule of dress.) Make up styles will include, to name a few; red lipstick, smoky/neatly defined eyes, But one must note that the make up style is a lot lighter and far less dramatic than one would see in Western Gothic Styles. Some newer styles though will show lighter colour in make up styles but the dark eyes are retained. Accessories can range from numerous religious symbols, such as crosses. (I myself own a Middi-Nette Malice Mizer Klaha Era Cross from the Cathedral de la Rose fotobook release.)

  • AmaLoli (AKA SweetLoli the opposite of GosuLoli)-
    • This style is considered by some to be the cuter more innocent of all the styles. A lot of pink, bows, laces can be seen worn by people of this style. A lot of all white outfits or all pink outfits will be seen. Also, a lot of deserts/sweets prints can be seen on the pieces. The jewelery will also have many sweets/deserts. Some consider it a fantasy-esque theme. Some also include ShiroLoli (all white could be considered the counterpart to KuroLoli?) and CountryLoli (gingham print) as a part of this theme.

There are numerous "common" articles always worn in Lolita:

  • knee length skirt/dress
  • headdress
  • blouse
  • petticoat
  • knee length socks/stockings
  • rocking horse/high heel/platform shoes
  • teddy bears/dolls(Super Dollfies) ((Mostly worn when striving for AmaLoli style.)
The Lolita Stigma:

Because the term Lolita is a direct reference to the novel written by author Vladimir Nabokov, it has the stigma for being an overtly sexual style. But followers of the style will attest that they consider it something that does not necessarily have anything at all to do with sex but that it is a cute style meant to illustrate innocence and youthfulness. This can be attributed to the supposed inherently cultural Japanese appreciation of youth and cuteness.

Famous labels include (among others):

  • Pink House (L.)
  • Milk (L.)
  • Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (L.)
  • Metamorphose temps de fille (L.)
  • A+Lidel (PL.)
  • Putumayo (PL.)
  • h. NAOTO (PL.)
  • Na+H (PL.)
  • Moi-même-Moitié (Mana's famed GL label.)
  • Atlier Boz (GL.)
  • Juliette et Justine (CL.)
  • Innocent World (CL.AL.)
  • Victorian Maiden (CL.)
  • Mary Magdalene (CL.)
  • Angelic Pretty (AL.)

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat/Lolita:

This style and terminology were first coined by Mana of Malice Mizer. So, to most truly adhere to this style would mean wearing Moi-même-Moitié clothing or clothing styled to adhere to what you would find at Moi-même-Moitié.
  • Madam- The term for female EGL styled clothing.

  • Sir/Aristocrat- The term for male EGL styled clothing (worn by females).
It is uncommon to find males who dress in these manners. When a male is seen in Lolita styled clothing it is strictly in adherence to what the females are seen wearing, either that or they are simply cross dressing. (AGLSID)


I actually do not know too much about decorer but it is quite cute and I like it.
It contains a lot of accessories and a lot of colours worn simultaneously. It is a very fun looking style though I do not know how anyone can handle having so many things strewn upon them at once.

Links for further references (or links that pertain to trends not discussed because I have no interest in them but thought others might.):
  • A very useful site I considered during my writings:
  • Official FRUiTS Site:
  • Tokyo Street Style:
  • Numerous images of various fashions seen in Harajuku:
There are plenty of sites one can go to for more information on Japanese Fashions. Especially if you are interested in the fashions I chose not to mention. These links are a mere few to get you started. So, I hope this serves well as an introduction to these various styles. Please of course do your own research if your interest has been piqued.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Host Clubs? 何?

A recent CNN special called Geisha Guys spurred a conversation in a music forum I visit on occasion.
My first point goes to CNN: Geisha Guys? Really? Seriously guys, you could have come up with something better.
Secondly, the first time hosts happened to come to my attention was when a friend linked me to a japanese animation she had recently become completely obsessed with. Ouran High School Host Club (If I have the title wrong forgive me, I have no head for keeping in track, the names of things, to be sure, as we all know). The animation is enjoyable and fun, though it really did nothing to truly interest me other than a curiousity to see how it ends... in some point in time in the future... for I have not watched it in months, because of the lack of true depth to the show. The show gives an insider look at what a high school host club, formed at a ritzy school for students of wealth, does as hosts and the comical trouble they seem to always find themselves in. Of course true host clubs are not like the one depicted in this except for the similarities in services. (Except, I have not heard of a host club that sells lovely sweets and tea as their main items as opposed to alcohol, hahaha.)
Thirdly, hosting has become, what I would consider unfortunately, something acceptable and at times even glamour in the public eye. You can find it in numerous non-fiction, as well as fiction, books, mangas, animations, films, documentaries, etc.

A general description on host clubs would be this:
There are both host clubs tailoured towards women and hostess clubs tailoured towards men.
Both with the same basic job description.
Age range is usually between 18-mid 20's. Many foreigners will also take on this job when they move to Japan as a means to make easy money. Oftentimes, illegally, due to lack of work visas.
As a host you must not only make sure your customers drink (which you pour for them), a lot, but also flirt, and entertain them in anyway. Be it magick trick, story telling, karaoke, etc. The key is to get the customer attached and have them coming back for more.
Hosts are paid based off of commissions from drink sales. If a customer decides to keep one host as their favourite for return visits that host will always receive a portion from that customers drink sales. Unless, there is a special circumstance or the customer conferences with the owners, quite a few host clubs will not allow you to change from host to host, either. Drinks can go from 1000 yen around (10 USD) but can reach around 3 million yen (USD 25,000). Because business is based off commissions, it is an extremely competitive job to have. Minimum wage is very low and hosts who are unable to make more will usually drop out because of this.
Tabs can be set up for customers when they cannot at the time afford their host habit. ID, fone number, as well as address are taken down for when the time comes for the host to collect their pay. Though, there are plenty of customers who do not pay or become unruly or troublesome in anyway they can be banned, though anything they do not pay for, the host will in turn becomes liable for the payment. The same with customers who do not pay off tabs, this becomes the hosts responsibility. Hosts can oftentimes become entirely in debt depending on how much the customer has left the company without. They will make house calls, even visits to make sure they get their payment when it is due. Many hosts have a work fone for contacting customers and a private fone for their personal lives.
Hosts or other employees will at times walk around outside near the host bar looking to entice new customers.
Some hostesses even have to go on paid dates with customers outside of work. Some owners make these dates mandatory and deductions will be made if quota is not met, though the commissions system is also still in place (which may or may not make up for it). Rumour has it some are even paid extra for sexual acts given on these dates.
Leaving a customer alone is bad manners and can cause trouble for the host.
The job does come with many dangers, there are cases where hostesses have been kidnapped, raped, and murdered by obsessive customers.

My opinion on host clubs/hosts:

I feel that something is to be said in a world where host clubs are considered something of the norm. Hosts are usually people who cannot get regular jobs, or people who are desperate for fast cash. Many hosts develop alcohol problems, and many become full of guilt because of what the job entails. A host has to act, for hours, as someone they are not to please someone they do not actually care for just for money. They lose themselves in the job. It is a wearisome job with many stresses. Hosts spend so much time at their job being someone there not that they become lonely, depressed individuals.
I feel pain for these hosts. Their customers become obsessed, and turn them into competitions between themselves to see which of them can truly win him/her. But the hosts are the ones who go home in the end feeling empty, and used up. Sure, they may have money, but they have also lost their dignity, through the process. In the end they are still alone, and must have so many troubles finding someone to actually be with (as though they would have the energies to do so) because if you think about it what sane woman would want to date a host?

My opinion on the customers:

These people are obviously not getting something from the current state of their lives that they need replaced with fake emotions. Many customers become obsessed, or fall "in love" with their hosts, something which I find to be rather pathetic. To fall head over heels for the character you are paying for someone to play for you? Allowing a facade to turn you into a crazed freak? These women, and men, become individuals who have trouble in real relationships because they focus themselves so heavily on this dream they are paying someone for. It is a very sad case both ways.

Perhaps if people were more honest, caring, sympathetic, whatever, we would have no need for jobs of this nature.

Links for more information. Have a go at it. See what you think in the end:


Monday, April 7, 2008


It is the start of my second week home.
I really truly miss Japan.
I have found that talking about my trip is also not something I really like doing.
It was so amazing that as selfish as it may sound... I do not want the memories depleted from being shared with too many.
With people who do not understand, care, etc.
I loved it there. It was an amazing time. I cannot wait to go back.
X Japan amazes me to the point where there are no words in any language to truly explain how the concert was or how their music makes me feel.

For now I shall move on to other things. Because I am happy with what I have said so far for you all.

There is this new site I have been playing around on.
I really love fashion. It is a large passion of mine. This site is fashion oriented, cute, and fun. Basically, if you want to join let me know I will send you an invite and explain everything to you in English/Spanish.
Here is my Poupe Girl. You will see the outfits change daily as I change her. I hope to keep it up daily. But we all know that I easily get bored and so there will probably come a time when she is updated less frequently. Poor dear, www.
poupeegirl fashion brand community

Haha, my friends say I dress her in fashions that are very much what I would wear in real life. Ironically, I always try and dress her differently than my preferences. But, I guess that is not really possible.

I have mostly been working.
I am going on quite a few trips this year.
Which means money... lots of it.
So, my goal is to get my license, a second job, a credit card of my own, and to sign up for the frequent flier miles program.
With all the traveling I do and will be doing in the future it seems wise to me to sign up for something that can get me free tickets or cheaper ones. I also need to make uni decisions. Which get harder each and every day. If anyone would not mind too much to talk college, major, careers, and the future, please I beg of you let me know. I am flailing in indecision. I wish I only had one passion and not a trillion. It would make all this so much simpler.

Let us hope that I can accomplish all of these before June the 2nd.
I am such a procrastinator I need to give myself so much time to get things done, hahaha.

I have also been playing this challenging but entertaining game... that I did not expect to be so challenging. It is called Professor Layton and the Curious Village. So, expect a full report on that baby when it is beaten!

Oh I almost forgot. D's new single will be out soon! They posted a musical clip of it on their website (Are those VIOLINS I HEAR??? D: YES! PWNAGE! D! I LOVE YOU! .flail..composesself.):
Please listen to it. It is quite lovely! Thank you!

Here is some music to keep you happy as you read, live, love, and enjoy.

For now I shall go and upload more fotos on to pupe for more ribbons.
Ciao Bellaz~~~

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I leave in 8 days. I am both frightened, anxious, and it really still has not hit me. I never have anything fully affect me until I am doing it. I worry... do I feel at peace? Or... is it that I no longer care? I hope it is not the latter. I am still working on my itinerary. I have one date entirely planned out. Everything else is only half-hazardly planned out. I may post it up here after my trip with details footnotes, etc. about how everything went. I have not had the chance to listen to any new music other than finally getting to Versailles album; Lyrical Sympathy. Needless to say I absolutely loved it. I am definitely growing to be a huge fan of theirs. I respect them and admire them as incredible musicians. For now though, I shall leave this blog for I am busy and tired and just felt the need to ramble.


I really do not feel like tagging this right now. Maybe later...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

新しい音楽 Part Deux

I need to stop finding bands that I really like and having it turn out they have been disbanded for quite some time. Oh, how irksome.
Moving on here are the new bands I have stumbled upon in my travels. (Also, any misinformation in any blog please excuse it and let me know in a comment thanks!)

Laputa (Disbanded)
Debut: July of 1993
Debut Single: 私が消える (Watashi ga Keiru)
Released: 14 albums/eps, 12 singles, 2 dvds
Disbanded: May 2004 (Felt it was time each member had a chance to evolve)
V: Aki (Now: solo project, released 3 singles, album, also has a fan club)
G: Kouichi (Now: solo-project (Everlasting-K), released 2 albums, a single))
B: Junji (Now: solo-project (HALATION))
D: Tomoi (Now: joined MILK FUDGE, then played support for JILS)


I have heard a few songs from this band and have so far I have liked what I have heard. I like the vocalists voice. But before I decide on the music I must hear more. Here is one of their pvs.


I have heard more of this band. I do not like them. The vocalist does not appeal to me. But for anyone interested in them here is a pv.

Debut: 2000
Released: 7 albums/eps, 6 singles, 2 dvds
V: Michi (Maschera)
G: Nao (Illumina)

Official website:
Unofficial myspace:

I like Maschera enough to look up Michi's solo project. So far so good. Not sure who I like better yet though. Here is a pv.

フウ〜〜〜〜〜〜!labels bore me ...


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Been searching the interwebs today for new musics. I found a few bands I shall blogger about. Though, I suppose they are not really very new since the majority are disbanded and have been for awhile. I have not researched too far into their histories though, mostly just into their sounds. Information on history and the like shall be added once I get around to going through it. I shall also post PVs for your enjoyment!

D-Shade (Disbanded)
Abbrv: Dearest Shade
Debut: April 22, 1998
Debut Single: 'Believe'
Released: 2 albums
Disbanded: May 31, 2000
V: Hibiki (Retired from music to become a racer.)
G: Ken
B: Yoshihiro
D: YujiOn

Last FM:

This was the first band I found. I was looking around at D pvs and it led to these guys. I like their sound thus far. I have heard a few songs such as: Endless Love, Alone, and Myself.
I really like this song, Alone:

Lastier (Disbanded)
Debut: 1996
Released: 4 albums
Disbanded: 2000
V: Ryuichi Ishiyama
G: Tomoaki Takasaki
B: Yuki
D: Ryo

Last FM:

I have not heard too much from these guys. They have a very anime OST type of sound to them. I have to widen my search since I have had trouble finding more than Dive into Shine (an OP for an anime of some sort (wahahaha ironically)), Will, and Sky. So, more on them later!
This is Will:

Maschera (Disbanded)
Debut: 1992
Debut Single: Unmei no Sharin 運命之車輪
Released: 8 albums/EPs
Disbanded: March 2000
V: Michi (Used to be in Evil Eyes, Went on to form S.Q.F)
G: Takuya (Went on to form J+Jenius)
B: Hiro
D: Tomo

Unofficial Myspace:
Last FM: (Though there were a few)

I loiked these guys lotses! The guitarist has a rather nice style as does the drummer. The singers voice was enjoyable as well. He sounded like a mix of a few singers. They also sounded well in the live I saw. I destest bands that cannot play the same live as they can on record.
This is their song Yurari:

NieL (Disbanded)
Their dance moves were very silly and very entertaining. Errr the singing not so much. Nothing new here really. But good effort!

(I am having trouble finding their PVs again. I do notknow why. I will try again later when I am not grumpy.)

Fanatic Crisis (Disbanded)
Debut: 1992
Debut Single: Memories in White
Released: 12 albums
Disbanded: 2005
V: Tsutomu Ishizuki
G: Kazuya
G: Shun
B: Ryuji
D: Tohru

Last FM: (There were a few)

Only heard one song so far I had to head home so my music searching ended but I will post more on them when I find more. Will note they were colour coordinated in a very British Punk meets Japan clothes (Punk meets S&M type of look ya know what I mean?) style at least in the one PV I saw. They also had a cute kitty in the video.
This is Maybe True:

Mmm... tagtagtag...



Tuesday blew up. That is where it ended. Hiatus, most obviously, cancelled. Needed to talk to two certain people or would have let things go out of hand mentally. Whatever, who cares, you proved your point. I'm weak. What's next. This is where it is starting.

I cheated. I cheated and listened to one of the songs off Lyrical Sympathy. Just one. Just for a taste. The Love from a Dead Orchestra. Since I cheated though, I will not allow myself to go into it extensively. This blurb ends here.

Have I mentioned my love for かみ? No? Well, yeah there it is.

Ah, I bid on AnCafe Bou's Last Live DVD it ends in twooo days .fingerscrossed. No one else has bid but gotta wait gotta wait! I really want it this would bring me so much joy and happiness. Yes, I am lame whateverrr.

I have also read Fruits Basket 1,2, and 3. My sibling bought it and I have been in between a few books so I figured hey why not read something light that will take no time and be mildly entertaining. It is しょじょ which led me debate putting it back down after picking it up. So I am a tad biased against しょじょ but who cares. Anyway, I have found that it is actually quite entertaining. I like it thus far so hopefully, it will not turn out to bad. I had stopped reading まんが for awhile anyway so I suppose picking up somewhere new would be a pretty good idea.

Oh I suck when it comes to commas or semicolons and what not. If I splice or leave them out yeah... it is to be expected.

しいな りんご is quite amazing. Had her on the podo for a few days. I am most glad for it. She is an artist I would recommend to all without question.

I was thinking of adding two more anchors to my hips to make it a six and not a four. I have yet to decide on this matter though so any opinions would be nice. Here I shall link a fotograf so you may view the four as they are now. Let me know if six is the way to go!

I have no clue on how to make that clickyable sooo... it will have to stay as it is. Copy and paste for the win.

Now for tagging... hmmm...あの~~~


Monday, February 4, 2008


I have decided that this week I shall take a break from everyone. I started late last night and plan on ending this endeavour either Friday night or Sunday night. I have not truly decided upon that aspect, yet. Everything I ever use to keep in contact with those around me has been eradicated. I am not sure what I hope to accomplish from this just yet. It is a trial though, and I plan on succeeding. I have already heard from quite a few people that they do not think I can go more than a day or two without talking to anyone. Honestly, I can do whatever I set my mind to and I plan on accomplishing this to the fullest extent I possibly can. Who knows maybe I will extend it to two weeks, or perhaps longer, just to see how long I can deprive myself of human contact outside of work. As silly as this seems, I think I need it. It is a change of pace, and something I have never done prior.

On another note, I have been hiccoughing all day and I really rather despise it.
There are a few new songs, new bands, new pvs I have stumbled upon and I will probably dissect them later in a blog or so. Time will tell.
(I s'pose I should tag this then something useful, eh? Like what though...mmm...)

Until Friday or Sunday then.