Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have created an account at, at the request of a friend. It is a fun site, with cute little characters. This should link you to my profile. If it does not? Oh well.

I am going to go see the Prince Caspian movie soon I think. Except my friend has told me I am not allowed unless I watch the first Narnia film. Apparently a good looking actor with a Spanish accent does not allow me to see a sequel without seeing where it all started. What a buttmunch.
Oh and Thai food this weekend. I am so excited. I have not had curry in so long. I love it sooo much. Mmm, I cannot wait.

Been listening to a new band lately.

They are quite nice. I enjoy them a lot. The singers voices go well together. The guitar makes me happy. I love their combining of style. I hope they make you happy as well. They also have happy hair. If that means anything.

Also, on Friday there is going to be DF members Bowling.
I cannot believe I was cajoled into bowling.
But maybe I will meet some interesting individuals. Who like AFI.
So, eh, maybe it will be fun...bowling...

Haha, I was surfing the net and found this site. It is called twitter or something like that. It really is such a useless site. Haha, anyway, off to work some more.


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