Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot and Cold.

Today was one of those days.
But it feels like one of those days has been going on for weeks.

Interview tomorrow.

Might go apply for the Mode on Thursday at 11:15AM.
It's our schools magazine. I guess they need a lot of writers.
Roomie thinks I should do it. Man, what a rejection if I don't, haha.

My body can't decide the temperature.
I hope I haven't caught anything.
I'm going to get something to drink and head for bed.
I need to get up early to prepare for 2 workshops and the interview and tidy up my assignment Thursday.

I want to be a real lifestyle lolita.
I want to be demure.
I want talent.

Monday, August 30, 2010


So, I accomplished no sketching yesterday.
Today is my last day to be able to procrastinate and I cannot recall what the assignment was in the first place.

I have a migraine causing my left eye to feel like it's been stabbed. Multiple times.
Though, I hope that it will start to subside shortly as I really have wasted enough of my day doing nothing as it is.

Next time our roommate decides to raise the thermostat to 75 degrees when she crawls into the apartment at god knows when; there will be hell.
Day 1: Agreement was made to keep at 65 during the evening.
Therefore you need to STOP SHUTTING OUR BEDROOM DOOR AND RAISING IT TO WHATEVER DEGREE YOU STOP AT. 75 is not even the worst it's been. It was 80 one night.
80 DEGREES? Quit turning the AC off you disrespectful tart.

I really need to not blog when I am crotchety.

PS I had a chance to confront her about the AC and I chickened out like a little buffoon..... =_=

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pretty Little Things.

I have just updated the layout of my blog, and used one of the new offered templates because I actually think it's quite lovely. Besides it's time for a change.

I have also created a Polyvore account into which I have published two new sets. You can find an image link in the above left corner.

School has been a tad hectic. But I feel I have learned a lot. We get a three week vacation coming up mid September and I am quite excited.

I was recently hired at Express my first day of work is on Saturday. I have an upcoming interview on Wednesday with the Limited along with my roommate. Cross your fingers for us!

My sewing class I feel is my favourite. The most interesting and challenging. I feel I have grown in leaps and bounds and hope that my blouse at the end of this quarter comes out wonderfully.

I need to finish one last set of two paragraphs describing the zeitgeist of the times. Then my History of Costume notebook will be complete. Hopefully, at that point I can move forward into the final painting for my Colour and Design Theory course. Then of course last minute sketches like always for FS1 class, haha.

I hope everyone is well.