Monday, August 30, 2010


So, I accomplished no sketching yesterday.
Today is my last day to be able to procrastinate and I cannot recall what the assignment was in the first place.

I have a migraine causing my left eye to feel like it's been stabbed. Multiple times.
Though, I hope that it will start to subside shortly as I really have wasted enough of my day doing nothing as it is.

Next time our roommate decides to raise the thermostat to 75 degrees when she crawls into the apartment at god knows when; there will be hell.
Day 1: Agreement was made to keep at 65 during the evening.
Therefore you need to STOP SHUTTING OUR BEDROOM DOOR AND RAISING IT TO WHATEVER DEGREE YOU STOP AT. 75 is not even the worst it's been. It was 80 one night.
80 DEGREES? Quit turning the AC off you disrespectful tart.

I really need to not blog when I am crotchety.

PS I had a chance to confront her about the AC and I chickened out like a little buffoon..... =_=

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