Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So, I saw Caspian ... and still have not seen the first one. But LemLem gave me a quick two second synopsis as the movie was starting since I was too busy wanting to play with Wall-E to talk about it during the previews. Wally-E is love and Lem we are seeing it! He thinks we will not be but we so totally will be. Caspian was fun though. It had talking aminals. LIKE THE BEAR. Dancing trees as well. I love trees, and dancing trees are icing on the cake of tree-y goodness.

I feel kinda sick today. But I think I am kinda hungry which sucks because I feel so nauseous I really have no desire to eat. The smell of this danish I was supposed to eat this morning is making me feel even more ill...kinda why I never ate it... but I guess I should to make mother happy.

Oh I also saw Iron Man. It was long and I was starting to fall asleep. I will not lie though it was pretty good. I would like a suit of action please. They look fun. It would have to be black, silver,
with a light touch of red though.

I have not blogged much lately. Not that my blog makes much sense. It is a hog posh of informational sources on topics that I am quite interested in, poetry, short stories, daily entries about my life, and music reviews. Though, I would say that is what my life consists of in reality so I suppose it makes sense.

Also I have an Imeem, for awhile now but not too much of awhile since I cannot really remember when I got it and I would not wish to lie but I am sure it was most recently in these months. Mostly to make music playlists to have something to listen to whilst at work, without having to use my Ipod head phones. Stupid things. Except recently I was too lazy to make my own and I stole Lem's Rainy Day playlist. Why, because it is nice of course. I have been ignoring a lot of the music I like for the ParaPara style eurobeat influenced music... mostly because I have gotten used to hearing those songs from how much I have practised the dances. Which is making it far more enjoyable to get to hear Malice Mizer, D, the soundtracks to some great animes. Etc. Yes, I have basically described the playlist to you, you're welcome.

Rainy Music
Since I know you love to read and listen to music at the same time. Who does not really? Does such a person exist? Ah, yes, my mother.

This blog looks like another long one, sorry. You will not be reading the whole thing anyway, most likely.

I leave for Panama June 2nd. I am more excited than I was before yesterday. It should be fun. God I feel sick...stupid danish smell. Sadly, I will be returning in a much more brown skin pigmentation. My life is over. Please promise me you will still love me even when my skin is the colour of caramel. I will be bringing back gifts for the beautiful in my life.

Oh, I owe someone a plushie. I keep procrastinating on making those because I know how bad they look when you first start and I hate when I make ugly things... This one is to be a watermelon. It shall have a cute face too. I have been saying this though since about December... so let us see what the date is when I finally post a blog say WOOO~! I MADE THIS PLUSHIE... if the day comes. Heh.

Seen a few WitchBlade episodes recently. It is not bad. I am a bit confused, so I may try and watch it online. The same with Speed Grapher. It is interesting, but again I am confused since it is I do not even know how many episodes in.

Oh, I did finish the Ouran High School Host Club anime. It was cute .shrug. at least the ending was nice. It was good comic relief coming home from work... what I will do now who knows... learn guitar I suppose... but I have been struggling and frustrated. I too easily give up. It depresses me. But alas, perhaps the flame will ignite beneath my fingers and I will get the ability to practise for extended periods of time. I just need to find a good schedule for my self. Work, sleep, practise.

I will be getting my license when I return from Panama. I have been studying and will study on the plane rides. Nothing will stop me this time. I promise it to myself.

I get paid soon. I cannot wait. I need that money for various things. I am also going to research some fashion schools. Make a decision. If possible go back to MCC. Only if the credits will transfer that is.

I suppose for now that is all I will mention. I am getting too tired to continue and must save my energy up for more work. At least it is close to noon... the day is...sort of somewhat over...

I wish it was raining.

Bobby is coming over this weekend. I cannot wait, I am so excited. <333

I think I shall drawer something today as well. The mood has once again stricken me.

Friday. <3



wingedstar said...

loook @ you with your fancy japanese ;) <3

Karrooolove. said...

You know me~ I musto practise anyway I canz~ ^~^


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