Sunday, June 1, 2008

Feel Real.

Let's curl up in bed together.
The outside world no longer interests me.
Maybe we can hide like this forever,
As cowards.
Too scared to face what we know to be true.

I'm scared of what life has to offer,
Of what it hides within its shadows.
Those dark corners hold all my fears.
Shove themselves towards me with every intake of breath.

Life is hard and convoluted.
You can't always win.
But you have to try.
So why am I so scared?
I just want to hide in here.

It's cold in here.
I don't want to let anything else in.
Stay with me, would you?
Don't let the day light break.
Don't let them knock on our door.
Don't let them feed me any more poison.

I just want to lay with you.
Watch your chest rise and fall.
Feel your warmth.
Taste your flesh.

I'll be yours.
Just don't let them in.
don't let them in.



zach said...

D: i miss u

wingedstar said...

i heard you're in panama...HOW ARE YOU HOLDIN' UP LOVEE