Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday, Work, Spouses, Uni, Wall-E~

Well, my birthday was basically amazing-ish~ :D
They decorated my "office that's not an office" at work and bought me ice cream cake. Which was oh so nice. I love ice cream cake. It is a weakeness of mine. Then later that day, when I got off work, I went and got a pedicure so my nails would match my new sandals that I bought with my new dress for my birthday sushi dinner of doom. Which I'll have you know was quite lovely. I got to play with my lemon, kuri, carrie, seestahtwinbirthdaysharer, and kattt. We had a good time. Then we went back to my place to horse around and then went to the park and horsed around. It was uber fun we made a youtube video but I still have yet to upload it. Hah, I procrastinate. Hence this blog is jammed with tons of things I should have made seperate posts as they occurred, but I procrastinated on those as well. Anywho, it was a very great time. My lovers made me lovely b-day cards that will be scrapbooked for life and love! Plus, we got free ice cream from the sushi place since it was our b-day. It was lovely... I wonder if there is any ice cream cake in the work freezer...

Work has been pretty good. I am rather irked about a few things but eh that is office life for you. I am trying to work extra hours so I can make more money. For uni and other things. All three uni's have gotten back to me and I will be talking to them and will probably apply in about a week to Seattle. I will wait to decide on applying to Fort Lauderdale and Miami until a little later, I have decided. Mainly because Seattle is what I really want, even though I feel bad turning the other schools down after how helpful their administrators have been for me.

I have started working on a new painting. I am having a little trouble with the upper half of the primary rough sketch on my canvas but with hope it will come out the way I want it to in the end. I would tell you about it but since there are times I do not actually finish something I will wait till then.

Anyway, I DID see Wall- E. It was really lovely. I think it is one of Disney's better latest films. Though, I do miss their hand painted and hand drawn animation works a lot teaming up with Pixar was wise of them for their digital animation films. I like the fact that they put in numerous positive messages that are vital going ons in todays society. I.E the Earth's destruction, obesity, and love.

Friday the fourth, July fourth of course. Had a familial BBQ. My baby cousin fell asleep on me... and drooled on my shoulder. But I let it slide since he is actually quite cute. Then the twins and I ran around for awhile, ate some good soy burgers, stayed up late, had a blast really.

On Saturday I went to Lemon's house with Miss Kuri. We played with Lemon and Wes. SSBB fight again. I killed Wes a few times to my pleasure. I never won but when we did it with stocks on I got second place! >D I would have one if I had not gotten stuck next to the building I always get stuck to in that stupid level. Then Kuri kidnapped me with her pops and we grabbed Carrie and I went to church with them. I will say it was quite an interesting experience and I actually had fun. A live band plays the songs and there are a lot of bright strobey lights. A young guy speaks every so often between songs, etc. Regular church stuff but I would say it is more teen based. It was very strange though and I was out of my element being there and all. What with me not being of the same faith. But it was nice, and I enjoyed hearing what they had to say. Then we went with her family to eat some Mongolian food. Which I will have you know was quite delicious. Her family is really fun and I had a great time there with them. Then Carrie, Kuri, and I took off for Mill Ave. where we met with Tim and Trex. It was a lot of fun there too. I got a new dress at Urban Outfitters... Carrie laughs because I call it the full name as opposed to just Urban... and Pier 1 Imports as opposed to Pier 1... that meanie. Went to Zia. I am definitely buying the ABBA greatest hits record for 2 dollars! I cannot wait for that! (I would love to go to the new ABBA museum in Stockholm!!! Who is with me?) Got home late but I had an amazing time!

Sunday was more playing day... but wifey and I were exhausted so we did not end up playing till very late in the day. I went to Michaels with my sister to pick up somethings then went and picked up Bobby, then finally went and picked up Christine. We got to my house and watched Battle Royale. Which I have to say is a very interesting movie... but gory! We all know I hate gory!!! If you have not seen it I do reccommend it. Unless you do not appeal to gore either and then I would say read the book or manga. The author truly has a very good understanding of the human mind and the way it works when faced with a kill or be killed scenario and the numerous reactions people will take do to it. We will most likely watch Ichi the Killer next... though I have heard it is so gory they had to edit it when they brought it over here... I will probably not enjoy that... but at least Wifey, Nome, and Bobby will... sa... those weirdos. It was really fun and I got to eat Spaghetti! Yum!

Monday back to work of course. Though I did go playing on Tuesday and yesterday. Tuesday was thai with Wifey, Magpie, Bobby, Mitch, Lemon, and Kat. We did this at wifey's house. It was nice finally getting to see Magpie again since she is home for a few before heading back to Uni Year 2. We also went to the park later which was fun. I got to ride the swiiings which was totally amazing! I love swings so much. A little fiasco occurred later but in the end I had an amazing time. Then midnight came around and lo and behold it was Bobby's b-day! YAY! For a few reasons, I had to work from home yesterday. Nice thing is that means OWN SCHEDULE HOURS. The alarm guy came to fix our security system and after that I passed out until a tad late in the afternoon, sadly. Magpie then came and picked me up and we headed over to wifey's to grab her. We went to Friends for Life to volunteer. It is an animal shelter. It was really very fun and there was a beautiful cat that just loved me and I wish I could have taken them home. I saw a beautiful pitbull as well. To be honest the majority of the animals were gorgeous creatures and even the not pretty ones had such amazing personalities I wish I could have them all. Then back home to shower and work a bit. Later that day went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a bit more supplies for this crafts project my sister is working on, went with her friend whom she calls Eskimo Kiss. Got home back to work. Then Bobby and Mitch came over to hang out since it was Bobby's birthday. But since he is withholding my gift still "because it is not perfect" he is not allowed to have his either. Watched some X Japan, and introduced them to some of my favourite bands. All in all it was lots of fun. But I am extremely tired because when they left I had to get back to work and help my sister with her project which frustrated my grumpy tired self. Finally got to bed, (I am far too addicted to
poupeegirl fashion brand community
in case anyone was wondering. SO YOU SHOULD JOIN! Let me send you a reccommendation if you wish to join!).

Today's been a long day but I have plans to have dinner with my mother, and aunts, then to see Bobby. Let us hope everything works out (I.E Caro does not fall asleep at any point in time this evening until she is actually at home and in bed.) My fone is also dying which worries me.

Anywho, that is the end of today's blog of doom. I hope you enjoyed it. More to come soon...or later.


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