Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Tuesday blew up. That is where it ended. Hiatus, most obviously, cancelled. Needed to talk to two certain people or would have let things go out of hand mentally. Whatever, who cares, you proved your point. I'm weak. What's next. This is where it is starting.

I cheated. I cheated and listened to one of the songs off Lyrical Sympathy. Just one. Just for a taste. The Love from a Dead Orchestra. Since I cheated though, I will not allow myself to go into it extensively. This blurb ends here.

Have I mentioned my love for かみ? No? Well, yeah there it is.

Ah, I bid on AnCafe Bou's Last Live DVD it ends in twooo days .fingerscrossed. No one else has bid but gotta wait gotta wait! I really want it this would bring me so much joy and happiness. Yes, I am lame whateverrr.

I have also read Fruits Basket 1,2, and 3. My sibling bought it and I have been in between a few books so I figured hey why not read something light that will take no time and be mildly entertaining. It is しょじょ which led me debate putting it back down after picking it up. So I am a tad biased against しょじょ but who cares. Anyway, I have found that it is actually quite entertaining. I like it thus far so hopefully, it will not turn out to bad. I had stopped reading まんが for awhile anyway so I suppose picking up somewhere new would be a pretty good idea.

Oh I suck when it comes to commas or semicolons and what not. If I splice or leave them out yeah... it is to be expected.

しいな りんご is quite amazing. Had her on the podo for a few days. I am most glad for it. She is an artist I would recommend to all without question.

I was thinking of adding two more anchors to my hips to make it a six and not a four. I have yet to decide on this matter though so any opinions would be nice. Here I shall link a fotograf so you may view the four as they are now. Let me know if six is the way to go!

I have no clue on how to make that clickyable sooo... it will have to stay as it is. Copy and paste for the win.

Now for tagging... hmmm...あの~~~


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