Monday, February 4, 2008


I have decided that this week I shall take a break from everyone. I started late last night and plan on ending this endeavour either Friday night or Sunday night. I have not truly decided upon that aspect, yet. Everything I ever use to keep in contact with those around me has been eradicated. I am not sure what I hope to accomplish from this just yet. It is a trial though, and I plan on succeeding. I have already heard from quite a few people that they do not think I can go more than a day or two without talking to anyone. Honestly, I can do whatever I set my mind to and I plan on accomplishing this to the fullest extent I possibly can. Who knows maybe I will extend it to two weeks, or perhaps longer, just to see how long I can deprive myself of human contact outside of work. As silly as this seems, I think I need it. It is a change of pace, and something I have never done prior.

On another note, I have been hiccoughing all day and I really rather despise it.
There are a few new songs, new bands, new pvs I have stumbled upon and I will probably dissect them later in a blog or so. Time will tell.
(I s'pose I should tag this then something useful, eh? Like what though...mmm...)

Until Friday or Sunday then.


zach said...

I loike your Brog :D

Lemon said...

You failed. lol