Saturday, February 9, 2008

新しい音楽 Part Deux

I need to stop finding bands that I really like and having it turn out they have been disbanded for quite some time. Oh, how irksome.
Moving on here are the new bands I have stumbled upon in my travels. (Also, any misinformation in any blog please excuse it and let me know in a comment thanks!)

Laputa (Disbanded)
Debut: July of 1993
Debut Single: 私が消える (Watashi ga Keiru)
Released: 14 albums/eps, 12 singles, 2 dvds
Disbanded: May 2004 (Felt it was time each member had a chance to evolve)
V: Aki (Now: solo project, released 3 singles, album, also has a fan club)
G: Kouichi (Now: solo-project (Everlasting-K), released 2 albums, a single))
B: Junji (Now: solo-project (HALATION))
D: Tomoi (Now: joined MILK FUDGE, then played support for JILS)


I have heard a few songs from this band and have so far I have liked what I have heard. I like the vocalists voice. But before I decide on the music I must hear more. Here is one of their pvs.


I have heard more of this band. I do not like them. The vocalist does not appeal to me. But for anyone interested in them here is a pv.

Debut: 2000
Released: 7 albums/eps, 6 singles, 2 dvds
V: Michi (Maschera)
G: Nao (Illumina)

Official website:
Unofficial myspace:

I like Maschera enough to look up Michi's solo project. So far so good. Not sure who I like better yet though. Here is a pv.

フウ〜〜〜〜〜〜!labels bore me ...


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