Monday, April 7, 2008


It is the start of my second week home.
I really truly miss Japan.
I have found that talking about my trip is also not something I really like doing.
It was so amazing that as selfish as it may sound... I do not want the memories depleted from being shared with too many.
With people who do not understand, care, etc.
I loved it there. It was an amazing time. I cannot wait to go back.
X Japan amazes me to the point where there are no words in any language to truly explain how the concert was or how their music makes me feel.

For now I shall move on to other things. Because I am happy with what I have said so far for you all.

There is this new site I have been playing around on.
I really love fashion. It is a large passion of mine. This site is fashion oriented, cute, and fun. Basically, if you want to join let me know I will send you an invite and explain everything to you in English/Spanish.
Here is my Poupe Girl. You will see the outfits change daily as I change her. I hope to keep it up daily. But we all know that I easily get bored and so there will probably come a time when she is updated less frequently. Poor dear, www.
poupeegirl fashion brand community

Haha, my friends say I dress her in fashions that are very much what I would wear in real life. Ironically, I always try and dress her differently than my preferences. But, I guess that is not really possible.

I have mostly been working.
I am going on quite a few trips this year.
Which means money... lots of it.
So, my goal is to get my license, a second job, a credit card of my own, and to sign up for the frequent flier miles program.
With all the traveling I do and will be doing in the future it seems wise to me to sign up for something that can get me free tickets or cheaper ones. I also need to make uni decisions. Which get harder each and every day. If anyone would not mind too much to talk college, major, careers, and the future, please I beg of you let me know. I am flailing in indecision. I wish I only had one passion and not a trillion. It would make all this so much simpler.

Let us hope that I can accomplish all of these before June the 2nd.
I am such a procrastinator I need to give myself so much time to get things done, hahaha.

I have also been playing this challenging but entertaining game... that I did not expect to be so challenging. It is called Professor Layton and the Curious Village. So, expect a full report on that baby when it is beaten!

Oh I almost forgot. D's new single will be out soon! They posted a musical clip of it on their website (Are those VIOLINS I HEAR??? D: YES! PWNAGE! D! I LOVE YOU! .flail..composesself.):
Please listen to it. It is quite lovely! Thank you!

Here is some music to keep you happy as you read, live, love, and enjoy.

For now I shall go and upload more fotos on to pupe for more ribbons.
Ciao Bellaz~~~

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