Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ばか Poems I wrote as a child. XD

Fallen Angel
One day, as the sky fell
I noticed you walking.
Silently, through the rain.
When I was lost you found me.
But now as I watched you bleed,
It was you I could not find.
I lost you on my way through
The crowded streets of our home
And one day soon...
I hope to be...
The one to rescue you.

You my fallen angel;
The one who'd guide me on
My path to wisdom and strength,
Will one day fly again.
And, though I seem
To have lost my way
Your messages
are not forgotten.
And one day soon...
I hope to be ...
The one to rescue you.

Entry #2,

I cut you up
And watch you bleed
Your travesty is beyond me.

As you fade
Your soul cries out.

With no one there to hear you
Who will catch you as you fall?

Blame the masses,
Blame the world.
The mistake is not within you,
the blame lies without.

Now let go of what you know
And hide behind the faceless crowd.

Will someone lift you up and cry?
Or alone in a pool will you die?

Now make the choice
You'll be banished either way.
To die alone and fade away,
or hold on to
anothers arms?


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