Friday, March 27, 2009


Michael Jackson's record Off the Wall came into today.
Expecting Thriller and Bad in the mail soon as well.
Still expecting my Totoro purse and doggie phone charm I purcahsed for my coworkers bday gifto~

Today is my man's second interview at the job he applied at on Wednesday. Fingers crossed. It is at 11 and I will be picking him up afterward; then heading on hom to pick up miss mom's reading glasses at the casa. She reallyreallyreally needs them for work.

All in all today should be a nice smooth day...hahaha as if I ever get those.
Hopefully it will though...I really want to see the Breakfast Club tonight.
They are doing free movie Friday at some park around here near some mall I have never been to until sometime in April. Starts at around 7... so I guess we will see what happens.

Gonna see my prima in a play tomorrow. Her school is doing 1776? Never heard of it. She says she only has one line but is going to get to sing her own song in one scene! Wooo, cannot wait. That will be happening Saturday.

Hopefully get some shirts printed since we finally got our lamp set up. Perhaps, we should purchase some black felt cloth to cover the area with since we need total darkness for the emulsion to take exactly what we want it to take.

First design pictures will be posted soon afterwards...after practising on some not for sale uggo shirts, haha.

Also, gonna start on my portfolio for uni. If I go abroad instead of in America I will be needing one. I cannot find information on what they are looking for exactly, but I shall try my best to come up with 30...yes it is a frightening amount, of designs before summer. Wish me luck~

I will post again soon.

Hopefull, my three penpals, also receive their letters and candy soon.
UPS if you fail me I am going with FedEx next time.


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