Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ending the Hiatus???

So, as you may have noticed...or have not since no one reads this, kekeke, I have been on a bit of a hiatus. I never did my review of the new TAI album. So, I shall do it now.

Fast Times at Barrington High:

It's basically about young love...and it sounds quite young. I was expecting a more mature sound, in a direction further off where Santi left off...but they seemed to have gone backwards. I do love the album do not get me wrong...but it seems more of a precursor to Almost Here, than a Junior album.

School debacle continues. I am re-applying for the scholarship to Japan. I am probably going to school on the east coast if not. Fingers crossed of course. Each school I have applied at has accepted me so I am not too worried. Mostly worried because I cannot make up my mind.

Got my friend addicted to neopets, I get less and less addicted, hahaha.

I also got a raise at work which is so so so lovely. Too bad it is still not enough to afford living on my own, but I am getting there.

You should be proud though because I have been saving up. But I also just made an ebay account... bad idea I have already purchased about 6 things...oh dear. I also sold one thing though so maybe if I sell more than I spend it will not be so bad. But yay to making my first sale!

Disney has a really good deal going, wish I could go but all my friends are so cheap, sigh. Haha, oh well maybe soon I can go. Might be going hiking and camping soon which should be fun. I think this time I will get my own tenT and bag shower with so many people going.

*Forgot to post this on Friday*
*Am posting now*
*Will probably post a weekend update blog as well.



zach said...

I'm glad you got a pay raise!
We all need a little something every now and then so don't feel guilty for getting some things for yourself

Love ya

Karrooolove. said...

Yes I really need it too since I will be starting uni quite soon in the next few months *trembles in fear* I will try though not to feel any guilt for good things when I get them <3
I love you lotses