Friday, July 31, 2009

Panama Day 2.

Day 2.
Night has fallen.
Went to Romanaccios yesterday.
Ate clams...should I feel bad? Is that against vegetarianism...I keep getting mixed responses.
Oh well it's been seven years since I've had them so I suppose I didn't do too badly.
Also ate Spaghetti and the best garlic bread on the planet.
Had Don Lee today.
Though the options are minimal I love how it tastes.
Wish the internet connection was faster though, my computer is hating this ethernet thing.
But..the wireless isn't working so oh well.
Videos of my trip are here:
I'm no movie star that's for sure.
I posted one a little while ago and it's still not showing up...I might have to redo it.
Tired it was an interesting day.
Spent time at the clinica a lot has changed!
Miss my boyfriend love.<3
And I like sweets:
Please give me sweets.
Blog more later.
Humidity hates my hair.

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