Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am feeling melancholy and morose again.
I realise how much what people say affects me.
Not to say it's good thing or a bad...granted I feel it's mostly bad.
I also keep forgetting to mail out my packages for the holidays.
I still have a few halloween cards lost in the mix of my room.
Some presents for the new holidays...I haven't even started working on..
But I know this because I am hiding away, and spending too much time playing on line..
I should be drawing the designs I keep dreaming up.
I should be working on the paintings people asked for as gifts.
I should be figuring out how to pay for school.
I have a lot of things I should be doing so I could go on but .. I'm sure you see my point.
Sigh, I dunno.
Sometimes I wonder if I should really bother these days.
I have some big news.
Maybe I'll post it in a little bit. We'll see.
Hope you guys are doing well; populous of the interweb。

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