Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Soul Not Worth Saving.

Sometimes, one's mind may wander towards untraversed soil.
A land of questions unanswered but heartily screamed from every peak and valley.
A young woman, or man, or ... interesting.
We have found a land in which these categories,
have died away.

So, that's where we are?
The after life?
A land of questions, a land of emotions, a land of no existence,
and no death?
It seems, as it were, that we are death.

We are death.

Or are we just the forsaken, that made the mistake of thinking we had a right to control our fate?
That it would be okay if we chose when to die.

But you know, I'm not scared anymore.
Because this world I'm in now, is far more fearful, than the one that awaits.

Does it hurt?
To die.

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