Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday. Eco Tip. 2

I'm sure you've heard of it, right?

Thrifting is the art of going to thrift stores and "recycling" clothing that either you don't want, or someone else didn't want. What's great about thrifting is there are so many gems you can find. And rather than toss your old clothing, you can get a few rewards!

1.) You may get financial retribution or in-store credit!
2.) You get the knowledge that other's will be able to use your clothes, they won't go to waste.
3.) They won't end up not rotting away at a trash heap.
4.) Thrift stores have some gems to renovate your closet!

I have found items at thrift stores that look as good as new, and are often times better quality products than what we may find in stores today! You find unique items, that no one else you know will be wearing. (: Anyone can go to the mall and get some of the mass produced fashions you see in stores... but not everyone can wear those one of kind pieces.
It's great when they're just your size, just the right fit, the perfect colour; and even better? It's only for you!

It's like treasure hunting.

Here's a post on good thrifting techniques:

I was going to create my own, but a friend linked me to this one as we were discussing it together and these are all the things we've always done! So, it's a good article to learn from!

Hope you guys liked this post! I hope to get better at them and give truly useful information as the weeks go by!
I honestly am an avid thrifter!
Will post images of outfits my friend has thrifted if I get her permission. (:

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