Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's Eco Tip of the Week

I'm going to be starting a new segment. I plan on posting every Monday.
I will be posting different eco-tips. Small things, that if everyone were to start implementing into their daily lives would help bring us one step closer to a better, healthier environment.

Aid yourself, aid the world. I will do them once weekly, because it is a good small step to take. If you start with one new thing a week, you get 7 days to make the change a routine. 7 days to be more aware and conscious about the way you live your life and impact this world.

If we look at change as increments, then the change is easier to make. Soon it becomes habit, and you cannot remember why you didn't implement the change sooner in the first place.

SO! Onto it then.

A makeup related tip to start with this week. For all you ladies, gents, and inbetweeners who like to enhance your features.
I assume many of us do what is typical, purchase make up remover at the store. Use the same old make up over and over. When we don't want it anymore don't really know what to do with it, but toss it or hoard it. Right?

Here's an idea! Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Now what the olive oil will do is: 1.) Clean off all makeup!
2.) Moisturize/Condition your skin and lashes!

It's not harmful to you, or the environment. Why use chemicals when you can use something natural and organic. Also, what's great about this is for the price you can get a lot! A little goes a long way, so as a cleanser it will last you a long time! You can then use your olive oil in an organic weekly moisturizer that uses honey, and sugar. You'll exfoliate and moisturize naturally and smell deliciously!

Here is the recipe: 3 tablespoons.
2 tablespoons organic honey.
1/2 cup of organic sugar.

You only need a small amount to use all over your face! Will last you quite awhile, using it once a week is best. Do not store in fridge. Counter is okay, and will not go bad.

Now for your old and tired make up:

Return to Origins has a recycling program: return any empty cosmetic packaging (regardless of the brand) to Origins and they will help you recycle it. Are you a MAC lover? Swap six empty MAC containers to get a free MAC lipstick (colour of your choice)!

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