Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mentos. Think Fresh.

Today is another morose day.
I am currently cooking dinner.
Mashed tatoes with corn.
Bbq ribs vegan style.
Let's see if it makes me sick!

-I hate cooking sometimes. But mostly it is because I do NOT enjoy eating.
I guess there is not much I can do for now.
Also, doing dishes are not nice. DX-

I have to admit something...
I truly enjoy lady gaga's music. >_>
Some of it I must admit is quite crazy pants but I really enjoy it.

I am also not sure how to take my new pills.
Guess I will have to read the instructions.
Yay, bilinguality. I realise that is not a word but it SHOULD be a word.
Bilinguality: pertaining to or consisting of someone with the ability to speak two languages.

It has been a long busy week at work.
Yes, I do realise it is only Tuesday.
Now figure out how I feel...
Have you figured it out? Oh yeah, now multiply it by ten.
That is how I will be feeling in school...with maybe a 30 instead of ten multiple.

Anyway, I am still loving Professor Layton's second installment.
I truly wish we got them sooner...though having them every couple of years is rather nice gives you a break and the WANT of it gets stronger. Haha, I am a neeerd I know.

I hope soon to finish reading Emma. I forgot that my coworker/friend wanted to borrow it.
Maybe I will finish it prior to finishing Becoming Jane Eyre.
That way I can tell you guys what I think! You know... I need to get better at reading one book at a time.
No wonder my head is a jumbled mess. I am filled with plot lines from everything like Dracula to...The Pajama Girls of Lambert Sqaure.

Well we'll see how it goes.
I am so tired lately.
Reading is not as enjoyable as it once was...my head is always pounding. Makes it just a tad hard to focus.

Mert...I should use better grammar in my blogs.
I really should not hit the ENTER key as willy nilly as I tend to...we will see how that goes as well.

As for now: I am enjoying Becoming Jane Eyre.
Will finish Emma.
Will finish Professor Layton...
Will probably never finish Scribblenauts without a guide.
-_- Oh yeah I am that angry with it, HAHAHA!

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zach said...

You are too cute
Also, my shirt size is S, yes, as I am a undergrown asian geek.

What do the americans eat to grow so big!

i am a poet