Saturday, January 2, 2010



I really believe if you change yourself, you can change your surroundings.
By changing your surroundings you can change your community.
When you change your community you take one step closer to helping change the world.

Any nay-sayers can shush because I won't hear it.
One person can make a difference.
All it takes is one person to create a revolution.
One person here, one person there; becomes more and more.
It's simple maths.

I absolutely ADORE Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.
I will probably go play it some more soon!
I think I was even getting my mother into it a bit.
It's exactly the type of game I feel she'd enjoy because of her mathematical brain.
She does think if it was in Spanish she'd do better though.

Went to the mall with her today.
Hanging out with my mumasita is supep fun!
I bought a nice green top, similar to a blue top I own. But my mother felt I should get the green one and she should come back for the red so we can match, haha.
I got some new pants *much needed* but then realised I've become quite plump.
I truly need to start my old exercise regime.
I feel being a size 8 is completely inexcusable when my body doesn't evenly become rotund just the lower quadrant of my posterior and legs. Oy vey.

I am currently addicted to this song:

He's an artist I feel has such an endearing and strong voice.

I hope you all had a wonderful start to your new year.
Reading your blogs should be quite nice.


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