Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last night was the AFI concert. I attended it with my boyfriend, my first show with him. It was incredible, to say the least. We had some pizza prior to the show that was quite delicious. Then headed on our way to the theatre. Of course, as most people know driving terrifies me. I have been driving for little over a year now, with little improvement. He says I am doing better but, I am not so sure I agree. That is why I was oh so excited to find us amidst massive road construction, and needed roads or exits being closed and rerouted. Such luck! The show was held at a venue where I have been to more times, than any other. An unexpected one at that, as it is not an arena. Though, AFI has never been much of an arena band. Last night solidifying that opinion, as a fact, in my mind. Their performance, was far more than satisfying. We parked probably over a mile from the show (though it felt like more the first time we walked it). I figured why pay for parking when I have two feet, and a limited budget. Haha, my mother told me I was "el cheapo". Perhaps she is correct with such an assessment. All I know is, I would rather save 5 dollars for something worthwhile, than spend it when I am fully capable of using my two little legs to traipse a mile or so around town. It was a much nicer walk after the show. Strangely enough, as tired as we were, and dehydrated, it seemed an easier more relaxing walk. The cool air, the night sky, the lights shining over the lake. It was quite beautiful, so serene. It was nice to have that time to discuss the show as well. I cannot stress how nice it is, to have someone to talk about this band with. A band that has been an integral part of my life since junior high. A band I have experienced much harassment and hardships for caring so much about. I think for some people it is hard to accept, that just because our passions are not the same, does not entitle you to mock another person's. Different things bring people happiness. Why would you ever feel the need to trump that? Anyway, I digress.

Anyone can tell you, AFI is my most beloved band for various reasons. I could go on forever about them but I will save that for another night. One thing I do know for sure is music has a power to connect people. A power to change people. A power to help people. It has been around for as long as we have. Longer, if you listen to the sounds of the earth as the soundtrack to the natural world's life cycle. There are people who live without it, my mother for example, and it blows my mind. To live without something that to me is as necessary as a beating heart. To close your eyes, feel the sounds course through you. I cannot imagine another reality, the quiet is astounding... but to have no music, no heart? I cannot imagine it. I had not been to a show in a long time. I do hope to attend another soon. I think not going to shows for as long as I have gone without them... about a year according to my man. Unacceptable! Just far too unacceptable.

My top concerts ever, last night included would be: AFI playing with the Cult, X Japan at the Tokyo Dome, as well as seeing The Academy Is... for the first time.

There is one thing I wish I could say to all concert goers. Or rather the ones that irk my goat! When a show is sold out, at a small venue, and for a rather large band... just because you are pushing and shoving and being an all around jerk with all your might does NOT mean you will be able to compress every person in that building into a small enough particle of matter for you to make it to the front of the stage. Not only that, if you were able to get there, the band cannot see you. They will not stare lovingly into your eyes no matter how hard you try for the sole fact that they CANNOT SEE YOU. With all those lights, and all that they are doing on that stage they are far to preoccupied with what they are doing to begin with, to worry about who is in the crowd. From all my experiences on stage, you cannot see anyone. Dancing onstage is not that much different from a musical performance. Nor do musicians have better eyesight that they can see through the glare of those lights. Focus on the performance, give people personal space to breathe, and enjoy the show. Stop being a jerk, stop shoving, and for crying out loud quit crowd surfing. You want to stage dive by all means, but honestly crowd surfers, you are an irksome crowd. Anyway, enough negativity.

Oh, if I have any readers out there, which I doubt but anywho...... I made one of those formspringme things?
Here's the link for anyone interested: I will answer all questions, because the site seems like a very fun thing to do. I have also realised I do not like the home network shopping channels my television has. The announcers irritate me.

My boyfriend would not be pleased if he knew I were awake right now... when I have to be up for work tomorrow. Perhaps, I will write a nicer blog tomorrow. My brain has been on over drive lately. If you cannot tell I am having some difficulty forming sentences. Anywho, sleep well all, I wish you peace.

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