Thursday, March 18, 2010

Onetwothreefour. Unodostresquatro. Ichinisanshi. Undeuxtroisquatre.

I find our species curious. I think ideally I would prefer to be a hummingbird.
They're small frail creatures with incredible force in their heart and wings.
Though they are filled with colour, I think I'd prefer to be the new species they have found.
I believe they found them in Colombia.

Tidbit: Over 1100 species of hummingbirds alone have been found there. They have over 91%, if I'm not mistaken, of all bird species in the world.

The new species is black with blue fluff tufts above their little feet and some wild hair.
They're the ones I adore. I hope their extinction isn't as quick as scientists are expecting.

Recently, I have made a tumble. The link is I plan to post things about all my whims. Some of my designs as drawings and once they've been born into this world through fabric and dreams.

I've been thinking that when I leave for school I shall be getting a pet. What kinda puppup should I get? After I graduate I will not only be paying off my debts, starting my career, and saving for my royal dandy piglette. Her name shall be Bofrita. But until then, puppup recommendations please! I am on the hunt.

Last night was rough. Things need to be worked out. But my heart is feeling weak.

Hope you are all well.

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