Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Night Long.

As far as punctuation goes, I have always leaned towards the ".". It is clear. Concise. To the point.
Funny how it is still fully capable of misconstruing any situation. There's irony in that I think.

I have two possible designs floating around in my head now. A third I hope is to come soon. I have picked what I will use as my common thread. Discussing it with Guinea definitely helped. Let's see if I will get to sketching soon. Still need to get swatches as well.

Long day at work. Unbeknownst to a coworker, she flits back and forth in my mind through ignorant bumpkin and caring uncultured yet essentially good. Can she really think a stay at home mom of three who only recently has had to struggle financially is worse off than a mother who has single handedly struggled through all possible hardships with four children?

I'll never understand the bubbles people live in.

I don't understand how if I commit a similar act as another, prior to or after their committing it; why I doing it is some sort of ridiculous or awful act.

I seem to be perpetually apologizing for actions I have or have not comitted. Anything from a sneeze to a hiccough. A question or a statement I hinted at without being aware.

Was life always meant to be so overwhelming and painful?

Will I always feel swollen with failure? Fatigue? Apathy?

Am I even human?

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