Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Tomorrow is my first day at uni.
I have a four course schedule this quarter and my next two quarters.
That is all thanks to my transfers.

I am sitting here with my roomie, and though we feel we are wasting time..
We do acquiesce that perhaps we should enjoy our last free evening before the craziness starts. Our courses will be over ten weeks. They meet once a week. Therefore we have ten courses to learn everything from the ground up.

I will be learning how to 10 courses only.
I am panicking.

But, everyone seems to feel that I am more than fully capable.
I need to take the confidence others' have in me and internalize it.
I need to feel confident.
I need work hard.
I need to succeed.

Goal plan: Find a good living arrangement.
Find a job.
Find good transportation arrangements.
Trying not to fall asleep but I really want to take a nap.

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