Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am not excited for my speech class.
But I have accomplished my first speech.
I decided to write about my concert experience, and how a "friend" wasn't much of a friend.
I'm not sure it's the most exciting story but:
It meets the criteria-
It's not something too in the past that I will easily forget-
If I do it is recent enough I can improv-

Anyway, have a read for yourselves and let me know what you think:

The lesson I learned over break last quarter is: always have a back-up plan. I got a call from a long time friend telling me that this band we saw together at the Tokyo Dome, was going to be playing right here at the Wilshire in Los Angeles. I told him I wasn’t too keen on going as it wasn’t really in my budget to be attending concerts, but after him listing off all the reasons I should go, and promising to take me to the aeroport the next day, and "guilting" me into it I bought my ticket and called my family up to let them know I’ll be staying here about a week longer than was planned on. Thursday night I send him a text to call me when he gets off work. We talk about the when he’s going to come pick me up, and that he is going to talk with his other friends about when we’re going to get in line. He wanted to camp out early, and even though I wasn’t really into that I figured as he was going to be my ride I really shouldn’t complain. We hung up agreeing he would call me in the morning and I went to bed. That morning came and went and I didn’t hear from him. I figured he must have slept in so I went to my friend’s house hung out, ate dinner and headed home. I started cleaning around the apartment figuring; well maybe he got called into work. He usually works the night shift so I figured he’d probably call me late and so I should get my things ready and make us some dinner. He’d been having financial difficulties and I figured it’d be nice to have something to eat when he stopped by since I know he’d been skipping meals to save money. More time passed, I called him twice and texted him twice and then after cleaning and putting dinner away I sat down to watch my drama and when three AM rolled around I figured maybe he fell asleep right when he got home after work and I’d hear from him in the morning. I woke up at around 8:24 in the morning and sent him a short text, but decided to call him instead. I figured it’s way too late to be courteous and after standing me up he had no reason not to get up when I called. He picked up the phone and told whomever he was talking to in person to hold on a second before greeting me. I asked him where he was, and he responded that he had been waiting in line since the afternoon the day before. I told him I didn’t understand, since he was supposed to be my ride to the show and call me. He cut in saying “Yeah I know sorry, dude”. I told him I’d rather take the bus and hung up on him. In the end after fuming, I booked a shuttle to the aeroport. I head to the subway, I get hassled by some creeper guy trying to pick me up and finally make it to the show. Even though I was on my own for the show I had a great time meeting people who had flown in from Japan to come see the show, and when the night came to a close I took a taxi home. Though, things didn’t work out how I had expected, I did learn that just because you’ve known someone for a few years doesn’t mean they’re above stepping all over you for their own benefit, and you better have a back-up plan so that you don’t end up in a situation that will either jeopardize your safety or end up costing you quite a bit of money.

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