Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sometimes I Just Can't Face You.

I hate the impermanence of pencils but I hate the permanence of pens.
What do I like?

The idea that everything is one day lost and the idea that some things may never be forgotten scares me. Does anything not cause me fear? Everything exhausts me.
When will I feel young?

Sometimes I think life is easier with my eyes closed...
but then I realise my dreams cause as much fear in my heart as my daytime reality. Will I ever find freedom in my life or my dreams?

I am tired of all the questions.
I feel unsure, uneducated, and immature.

It is already week 2 for the quarter.
Time is flying by through this quarter as well and I fear I won't be able to keep up as classes get harder. I don't feel strong enough to do this as successfully as someone else I don't feel on par knowledge-wise as others here. Why do I always feel like less than the rest of my peers? Am I so small-minded?

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