Friday, March 4, 2011

To Be Vegan, or Not to Be?

Other than the fact that I do think it’s a healthy lifestyle, I have always avoided veganism because of a few reasons.
1.) I have never wanted to burden the people I am friends/related to by making it difficult to eat out when thought most places won’t have vegan options, they’ll at least have vegetarian ones. (Aka bean and cheese burrito, or pizza, etc.)
2.) Being vegan is slightly more expensive and requires more cooking skills. I already live off of my roommates rice cooker, soy sauce and 1 farm raised egg, most of the time. (As Nao says I’m not Latina anymore I’m more and more Asian. T_T)
3.) I guess you could say I’m just lazy.
But I’ve been doing my best to cut dairy out. Especially since I think I’m lactose intolerant like most of humanity, as when I do eat it even minutely I fall quite ill. It just makes me wonder, why something that makes me as sick as it does, is still so hard for me to give up?

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