Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where are you going, you little flea~

First day of fourth quarter was today.
I had a Professional Practices class with my previous second quarter speech teacher.
Because I am taking an extra quarter to more space out my courses I cannot do an internship until upcoming fall quarter.

I do not work this weekend so I have plenty of time to get a jump start on the assignments for this class.
He pretty much told us all the assignments so we canj ust get to work on them it seems.

I need to find someone in the fashion industry to interview.
I will probably edit my resume tonight in the format the he wants and then send out emails tomorrow during the day.
Is 7p.m. not too late in the evening to be sending emails to business people?
Or is that something I have made up in my head?

Anyway, just started Gone with the Wind.
Going to get some work done.
Organizing and cleaning.
Little by little by little.

Currently reading a book called The Happiness Project.
I fully agree clutter causes us less happiness.
I hope by tomorrow, I will be ready for this next quarter.
I will do better than my last quarter.


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