Sunday, February 28, 2010

CoCo Chanel.

I just saw the film documenting the famed designers life.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
She is such an inspiration.
I really feel everyone should see this film.
She worked until the day she died.
She was 71.
What a legacy it is that she created, and continues to exist today.
Such charm, elegance, poise, and defiance.
She embodies all the things that I admire.
I just wish she had been someone I could have known.
Worked with.
Regardless, I am so glad I purchased the film when I saw it.
I hope that even I do not create a legacy such as she did...that I too one day am able to accomplish my dreams.
Fashion is not an easy path.
But with perseverance I hope to succeed.
I am trembling in fear and anticipation for school.
I need to work on the designs for the scholarship.
But boy...I am at a standstill.
It must be big and concise.
Oh my nerves,

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